Vistalog Review: Is it Legit or a Scam? ₦1,000 Discount, How it Works, Earning Structure, etc.

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There are many online earning platforms in the Internet Space. It is important to understand how these platforms operate so you can make a more informed decision on whether to join or not.

Recently, a new platform started gaining waves in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and some other countries. I’m talking about the Vistalog Platform.

In this Vistalog Review, we’ll be looking at What Vistalog is, How it Works, the Earning Structure, How to Register on Vistalog, Features, Withdrawals and my opinion on its Legitimacy.

I’m also offering a ₦1,000 discount for my Readers. Send me a Message to Register with my Discount. Without further ado, let’s get started with this Vistalog Review…

What is Vistalog?

Vistalog is Coming
Vistalog is Coming…

Visalog is an online marketing platform that allows users to earn money by performing simple tasks online and referring others to the platform.

  • The Registration Fee is ₦5,000.
  • Vistalog Launched on the 5th of January.

Vistalog allows users to earn money by performing simple tasks online. You can earn money by simply logging into your dashboard daily, sharing posts, watching videos, etc. Let’s proceed to look at How Vistalog Works…

How it Works

How to Get Started on Vistalog

You can register on Vistalog and start earning by performing simple tasks on the platform. For you to Register, you need to Purchase a Coupon Code from a Vistalog Vendor.

The Coupon code is what will be used to activate your account. You cannot register without a Coupon Code. You can get a Vistalog Coupon Code for just ₦4,000 instead of ₦5,000 here.

After getting the Code, you can use this link to Register and Start earning money on Vistalog daily…

How to Make Money on Vistalog

After registering, you can start earning money through:

  1. Welcome Cashback: Immediately after registration, you get a ₦3,000 Welcome Bonus.
  2. Logging in: Once you log into your dashboard every day, you will receive a login bonus of ₦200 daily.
  3. Sharing Vista Post: Vista post will be published every day and once you share it, you receive a ₦300 reward.
  4. Advert Post: Sponsored Tasks will be posted regularly and once you share them, you’ll get a ₦300 reward.
  5. Spillovers: Random Spillovers will also be credited to your dashboard depending on how well you perform your tasks.
  6. Spin and Win: You can participate in the Spin and Win challenge and win random prizes, it’s a game of luck so you may not win every time.
  7. E-Commerce: You can also post your products or services on the Platform for free as a user and earn commissions on every sale.

Note That everything is automated and once you perform your tasks, your dashboard will be credited immediately.

How Withdrawal Works on Vistalog

You can withdraw your money from Vistalog directly to your local bank account. Withdrawal is open every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 5pm to 6pm.

The Minimum withdrawal is 25k for Activity Earnings and 10k for Referral Earnings.

Referrals on Vistalog

You can earn money on Vistalog even if you don’t refer anyone. But it’s good to refer so that you can earn more money. If you don’t know how to refer and you need a Guide on the strategies big Affiliates use to refer people, check out this E-Book.

Vistalog Earning Structure

To Register, you must get a Coupon Code with $5 (₦5,000). This will be used to Activate your account.

Nigeria Earning Structure

After registration, you can earn by performing the following simple tasks:

Non-Referral Earnings

  • Welcome Bonus: ₦3,000
  • Daily Login: ₦200
  • Vista post: ₦300
  • Advert Post: ₦300
  • Spillover: ₦100-500

Above are the ways you can earn money on Vistalog without referring anyone. If you wish to refer others, you’ll be rewarded as follows:

Referral Commissions

  • Affiliate Bonus: ₦4,000
  • Indirect Affiliate (Level 1): ₦300
  • indirect Affiliate (Level 2): ₦100

You can earn on Vistalog without referring anybody. Referring is optional, but it can help you earn more money. If you’d like to learn effective ways and secrets on how I generated over 52 referrals in less than 4 weeks without running ads, I’ll advise you to get this guide.

Ghanaian Earning Structure

Ghana Earning Structure

You can Register with just 90GHS instead of 100GHS on WhatsApp here.

  • Welcome Bonus: 3,000 GHS
  • Daily Login: 200 GHS
  • Vista Post: 300 GHS
  • Advert Post: 300 GHS
  • SpillOver: 4 GHS to 10 GHS
  • Affiliate Bonus: 70 GHS
  • Indirect Affiliate (Level 1): 6 GHS
  • Indirect Affiliate (Level 2): 2 GHS

Cameroon Earning Structure

Cameroon Earning Structure

Registration Fee: Register for just 5,000 XAF instead of 5,500 XAF on WhatsApp here.

  • Welcome Bonus: 3,000 XAF
  • Daily Login: 200 XAF
  • Vista Pot: 300 XAF
  • Advert Post: 300 XAF
  • SpillOvers: 200 XAF to 500 XAF
  • Affiliate bonus: 4,000 XAF
  • Indirect Affiliate (Level 1): 300 XAF
  • Indirect Affiliate (Level 2): 100 XAF

This is the Earning Structure for Cameroonians. It’s almost the same with that of Nigerians.

Features on Vistalog

There are other features on Vistalog you might love, let’s take a look at them:

  1. Spillover for users to benefit from the team’s activeness.
  2. News and articles can be uploaded by the users for the public
  3. Vista lucky wheel feature for Spin and Wheel
  4. Access to Vista E-commerce
  5. Buy Data and Airtime as a User with your earnings
  6. High commission on Vistalog Coupon Code sales
  7. Access to many free courses and skills users can learn from.
  8. Rank and Incentives for Vistaloggers.
  9. Stress-free withdrawal for affiliates and Non-Affiliates
  10. Vista Ads feature for Advertisement and Engagement
  11. 24/7 available Customer Service.
Vistalog Features

These are some of the extra features that are accessible to all users. Let’s explain some of the features you might find confusing:

1. SpillOver Feature

This is a feature where users benefit from their upline or team if it’s active, users can earn ₦100 to ₦500 spillovers randomly at any time to their affiliate balance if their upline is active. The sweetest part is that this doesn’t affect the normal earnings of the upline’s affiliate bonus and indirect bonus.

2. News and Articles

This relates with the blog, a section where users can post the latest gist, articles or educational content for the public to read. Users can attach their social media handles to the articles.

3. Vista Lucky Wheel

Users can use this feature to earn extra money by spinning a lucky wheel and getting whatever prize they won credited to their dashboard.

4. Vista E-Commerce

More like a Vista Mart, where users can buy and sell products, everybody has access to upload products on this section for free to thousands of users.

5. VTU Ability

Users can purchase data and airtime. You can also pay for Cable subscriptions with your activity earnings and affiliate earnings and get it swiftly.

6. Transferring of Funds

Registered members of Vistalog can transfer their earnings from one account to another instantly.

7. Ranks and Incentives

Vistalog users will all have ranks and also get incentives for targets reached! The prize and incentives will be communicated soon. You can monitor your rank progression on your dashboard.

Withdrawals on Vistalog

Affiliate Earners can place a withdrawal with a minimum of ₦10,000 balance and get the exact amount credited to their local bank account.

Affiliate Withdrawal portal will be open on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Non-affiliate earners can place withdrawal with a minimum of 25k Vista points and the withdrawal portal will be open on the 25th of every month.

Is Vistalog Legit?

Yes, Vistalog is a Legitimate online task-earning and multi-level marketing platform. So far, Vistalog has been paying its users as promised.

This review of Vistalog is written for traffic purposes and to inform users of how the platform works to help them make an informed decision on whether or not to join.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Vistalog available in Ghana?

Yes. Vistalog is available and Legit in Ghana. You can Register as a Ghanaian with just 90GHS instead of 100GHS.

Is Vistalog available in Cameroon?

Yes. Vistalog is available and Legit in Cameroon. You can register as a Cameroonian with just 5,000axf instead of 5,500axf.

How can I get a Vistalog Coupon Code?

When did Vistalog Launch?

Vistalog launched on the 5th of January, 2024.

Can I Withdraw my Earnings?

Yes, you can withdraw your Vistaog Earnings directly to your local bank account once you reach the Minimum Withdrawal of 10,000 Naira.

Is Vistalog an Investment Platform?

No! Vistalog is a Multi-Level marketing platform that allows users to earn by performing simple tasks online.

This is the end of this Vistalog review, Continue visiting doublejayonl.com to get updates on paying platforms. Also check out reviews of MetaFluxStarmil, and UltraGold.

If you found this review helpful, make sure you drop your opinions and comments in the Comment Section and also share this post with others.


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