UltraGold Registration: How to Register +₦1,000 Discount

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UltraGold User Dashboard

Before now, I’ve written a review of the UltraGold Platform. But some people don’t understand how to go about the Registration. So in this Article, I’ll be explaining Step-by-Step how to Register on UltraGold

I’m also offering a ₦1,000 Discount for my Readers who want to register. Send me a Message on WhatsApp to get your Discount.

Step 1: Get your Coupon Code

To Register on UltraGold, you need a Coupon Code. A Coupon Code looks something like this “WEALT-78IQV-4ZGVU-4JIII”.

This is what will be used to activate your account during registration. Note that you can’t register on UltraGold without this Coupon Code.

To get this Coupon Code, Message a Vendor on WhatsApp and get it from him/her. The Code is ₦5,000.

After getting your Coupon code, you need a Registration Link next.

You can usually get this from the person who referred you or the vendor you bought the code from.

After getting your Registration link, move to the next step…

Step 3: Register

Click on the link then fill in your details and sign up. The details needed are your Name, Email, Phone Number, Username and Coupon Code.

UltraGold Signup
UltraGold Registration Page

After you fill in your details, click on Register. You’ll be redirected to your dashboard and you can start performing tasks and earning.

UltraGold Login

To login to your UltraGold account, click this link – https://ultra-gold.com/user/login and input your Username and Password then click o Login.

UltraGold Coupon Code

UltraGold Coupon Code is what will be used to Activate your UltraGold account during registration. You can get it from a Vendor on WhatsApp.

If you have questions on anything or need some assistance, reach out to me on WhatsApp.

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