Starmil Review: is starmil.pro Legit? Get $1 Discount, Registration, How it Works, etc

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Starmil Review: Plug into Wealth

Starmil was originally coined from the word “Star Millionaires” which denotes the creation of not just millionaires but stable millionaires who’ll become stars.

In this Starmil review, we’ll be looking at what Starmil is all about, how it works, how to earn money on Starmil, the features on Starmil, how to withdraw, earning proofs, and my opinion on its legitimacy.

I’ll also be giving a $1 discount on registration for my readers. To grab this discount, send me a message on WhatsApp. ✔

Without further wasting time, let’s get started on this Starmil review. Make sure you read it thoroughly and till the end so you won’t miss any detail.

Starmil Review: An Overview

Starmil Review: Plug into Wealth

Starmil is an online platform where various individuals can sign up and earn passively through affiliate marketing, network marketing, a visualized marketplace, multi-level marketing, and lots more.

  • Registration costs a one-time fee of $5 / $4.
  • Starmil is registered with the CAC of Nigeria.
  • Starmil launched on the 1st of November, 2023.

Note: $1 on the Starmil Platform is equal to ₦1,000 = XAF 1,2000 = ₵27 = R25 = XOF850.

The Starmil Platform is said to be an innovation that tends to make several of its users enjoy financial breakthroughs through their smartphones from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Countries Starmil is Available in

Starmil is primarily available in the following countries:

  1. Nigeria (₦4,000 Reg Fee)
  2. Cameroon (XAF4,800 Reg Fee)
  3. Ghana (₵108 Reg Fee)
  4. South Africa (R100 Reg Fee)
  5. Benin Republic (XOF3,400 Reg Fee)
  6. many others…

Starmil is available to users all around the globe. Anyone with internet access can register on Starmil.

How Starmil Works

In this section of Starmil Review, I’ll explain how the Starmil Platform works, how you can become a member, how you can earn, and how to withdraw your earnings.

To become a user on the Starmil Platform, you’ll need to purchase a coupon code. This code is what will be used to activate your account during registration. The code costs $5 but you can get it for just $4 from me.

After registering, you can start earning on the platform through various means, like your daily tasks, spillovers, watching videos, sharing posts, etc.

The system is automated so you receive your earnings immediately after you perform your tasks. Withdrawals can also be made straight into your local bank account.

How to Earn on Starmil

Starmil Affiliate Setup

Starmil Earning Structure

There are various ways you can earn on the Starmil platform. Let’s take a look at these ways:

  1. Immediately after you register, you get a $3 welcome bonus.
  2. If you decide to refer anyone to register on Starmil, you get a $4.2 referral bonus.
  3. When your downline refers another person, you earn a $0.30 first-level spillover.
  4. When your downline’s downline refers, you earn a $0.1 second-level spillover.
  5. You earn $1 when you perform your Star Quest task. (Watching Videos and Liking)

Here are some other ways you can earn money on Starmil:

  1. As a Starmil user, you have access to the e-book upload feature. You can publish an ebook and get a 90% commission on this book’s sale.
  2. Various incentives are also available on the Starmil platform that can help you earn some extra cash.
  3. Your Starmil rank level will also be increasing as you earn more money on Starmil.

Note: $1 on the Starmil Platform is equal to ₦1,000 = XAF 1,2000 = ₵27 = R25 = XOF850.

Starmil Registration

Starmil Sign up: How to Register

To register on Starmil, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Get your coupon code for just $4. Send me a Message to get your code.
  2. After purchasing your code, you’ll be given a registration link. Click on the Link to open it.
  3. After coming to the signup page, fill in your details. (Name, Email, Phone Number, Username, and Password)
  4. Input your coupon code and click on Register.

That’s all! You’re now a user on Starmil. You can now start performing tasks to earn money.

Starmil Login

To log in to your Starmil account, click on this link, input your Username and Password then click on “Signin”.

Starmil App

Starmil does not have any App on Google Play store or Apple Store. Download any Starmil app at your risk.

Read a full Step-by-Step guide on how to Register on Starmil here.

Other Earning Packages on Starmil

There are 5 Earning Packages on Starmil. Affiliate is the First which has been discussed in the “How to Earn” section of this Starmil Review. Here are the 4 other earning packages:

1. Gamer X Setup

Gamer X Setup

Starmil recently included two licenses to their company name one of which is the Gamer X setup.

In this Rebranded setup, A user can sign up on Starmil and earn a living from the comfort of his home or anywhere at all by simply using his high level of knowledge and experience from past histories and happenings around the globe to adequately pick up the required piece of information he finds on his dashboard.

2. E-book Market

For Ebooks, you can upload your ebooks, market them, and earn as people buy them directly from STARMIL. You can also earn as a third party in this section as a promoter where u earn up to 80% of the cost of the ebook.

In the Marketplace, you can upload different products you sell, like clothing, materials, advertisements, and other items for sale. This provides users with multiple avenues to showcase and sell their products or content.

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Keep in mind that the cost of uploading in this section is $10, which can be paid using the points you earn on STARMIL. Plus, the commissions you earn can be withdrawn directly into your bank account for added convenience!

3. Star Swap Setup

Star Swap

The second license that was included on Starmil is called the Star Swap setup. This setup was created for individuals who can advance their p2p prowess in the swap structure

Here, Various users can buy, hold, and withdraw/sell off their pairs to the open market if willing to key into it. It’s a system that is coined for individuals who can take advantage of simple interests gained over time and take advantage of it in their own favor

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Simple steps to the star swap setup include:

  1. Fund your wallets
  2. Buy your desired pair
  3. Keep it for it to appreciate
  4. Since pairs are limited, when they’re scarce, you can easily convert them back into your wallet and withdraw at the current price or sell off at a higher price

Note that this does not deal with referrals or referring anyone, it is simply an individual section on Starmil where you can comfortably earn money from the comfort of your home.

4. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

The cost to join an MLM team is $3 and once the cycle in the team is completed. The user gets paid $15 for every successful completion of the cycle. ♻️ Guess what? They are unlimited cycles, which means you can keep earning and cycling out from different cycles without stopping.

Multi-Level Marketing


Each user needs to simply invite 2 individuals and after that, you can earn direct spillovers to complete your cycle.

Once the cycle is completed, you are entitled to get $15 immediately on your dashboard. Even when you’re in New cycles, you’ll still earn spillovers from previous cycles and keep advancing

However, It’s a thing involving 2 directs and 4 Indirects, once the two indirects are gotten, the spillovers will start flowing in.

For every cycle completed, you get $15 immediately paid into your bank account and you only get to refer 2 people to get 15$.

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Withdrawals on Starmil

Withdrawals are made available every Monday and Thursday with a minimum of $7.

The Withdrawals are made directly to your local bank account.

Starmil Review: CAC

Starmil Review: Is Starmil Platform Legit?

As of now, it is possible to determine whether or not Starmil is a Legitimate online earning platform. It has been online for too short a period to determine its legitimacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I Earn Money on Starmil?

You can earn money on the Starmil Platform by performing simple tasks online. These tasks include sharing posts, watching videos, etc.

Is Starmil Legit?

Smarmil seems to be a legitimate platform. But its legitimacy can’t yet be fully determined because it has only been available for a short period of time.

How can I register on Starmil in Ghana?

After purchasing the code, you visit your registration link, fill in your details with the coupon code, and click on signup.

This is the end of this Starmil review. Continue visiting doublejayonl.com to get more money-making tips and updates. You can also check out reviews of similar platforms like Fluxify and Primeshub.

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  1. Elamoan Avatar

    Please can we withdraw star quest earnings, because we are loosing referrals because they heard that they can’t withdraw the star quest rather use it for skills learning. Please clear us on this or let us cash out the star quest earnings next month as earlier said so more people will join.thank you

    1. Double Jay ONL Avatar

      The Star Quest Earnings cannot be withdrawn, it can only be used to Purchase Data, Pay for Bills and Courses on the website.

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