Starmil Registration: How to Register on Starmil (Step-by-Step)

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Starmil Registration: How to Register on Starmil Step by Step

A few days ago, I wrote a review about Starmil. The review explains in detail how Starmil Works, how you can earn money on Starmil, how to withdraw, and many other details about the platform.

In this article, I’ll be guiding you on the step-by-step registration process on Starmil and how to register on Starmil. Whether you’re in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, etc., this guide is all you need to register on Starmil.

I’ll also be giving a $1 discount on Registration for my readers. Without wasting time, let’s get started with this Starmil Registration Guide…

Step 1: Get your Coupon Code

The first step in registering for Starmil is to get your coupon code because your coupon code is what will be used to activate your account.

The code looks something like this: ONL-918QR-TAKMV-RG14Z.

This code costs $5 but you can get it for just $4 when you purchase from me. Send me a Message to get your code at a discount.

After getting your coupon code, you’ll move to the next step…

The next thing is to grab a registration link and get yourself registered. You can get a registration link from the person you bought the code from or from the person who introduced you to the platform.

After getting this link, click on it to visit the registration page, the page looks like this:

Starmil Registration Form

Step 3: Fill in your details

After getting your registration link and visiting the registration page, the next thing is to fill in your details. This is a straightforward process but let me still explain for clear understanding.

The First name and Last name boxes are where you fill in your Name, you can use any name because there’s no KYC verification on the website, at least for now.

The username is a custom name you’ll pick for your Starmil account. No two users can have the same username so if someone else has already used your username, you’ll have to find another username to input.

Next, you fill in your email address and phone number. Fill it in correctly because this will be used to help you recover access to your account if you forget your password.

Next is to Select the country you are in presently. After that, fill in your password, and fill in the password again to confirm. Make sure they’re the same.

Then you’ll select a skill you’d love to learn on Starmil, fill in the coupon code you got from your vendor, and select a package to register for.

Step 4: Registration Successful

Finally, after filling in all your details and coupon code correctly, click on “Sign up” and you’ll be redirected to a page with a message informing you that your registration was successful.

You can now start earning on Starmil by performing simple tasks on the website.

So, if you’re ready to Register on Starmil, send me a message on WhatsApp to get your Code and Register now.

Starmil Login

After you’ve registered successfully on Starmil, you can log in to your Starmil account through this link:

Does Starmil have an App?

Starmil platform does not have a Mobile application for now, so any App you see on Google Play store or Apple Store was not built by Starmil, use it at your own risk.

How can I get a Starmil Coupon Code in Ghana?

You can get a Coupon Code as a Ghanaian from a Vendor on WhatsApp. Make Payment through a payment link or Mobile Money and get your Code immediately.

This is the End of this Starmil Registration Guide, make sure to continue visiting for more informative and helpful guides like this.

If you found this guide helpful, make sure you drop your comments in the comment section and do well to share it with others who might also find it helpful.


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