Smart-Mind Review: is smartmind Legit? 1,000 Naira discount, How it Works, Features, Earning Structure, etc.

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Smart-Mind Review

In this Smart-Mind Review, we’ll be looking at what Smart Mind is all about, How it Works, Features, Earning Structure, Withdrawals, and its legitimacy As usual, I’m offering my readers a 1,000 Naira discount on registration. Check my Reviews of other platforms like EarningEstate, UltraGold, and BrillFund Network. Without further ado, let’s dive into this Smart Mind Review…

Smart-Mind Review

What is Smart-Mind?

Smart Mind is an online affiliate marketing platform where users get paid when they refer others to the platform. Users can also earn money by performing simple tasks on the website. These tasks include sharing posts and logging in daily.

  • Smart-Mind launched on October 1, 2023.
  • The registration fee is NGN 4,000
  • The CEO’s Name is Emperor Samuel

I’m offering a 1,000 Naira Discount for those who want to Register on Smart-Mind. So, you’ll register with just 3,000 Naira instead of 4,000 Naira. Message me on WhatsApp to grab your Discount.

Features on Smart-Mind

These are the Features of Smart-Mind:

Features on Smart-Mind
  1. Smart Recharge: You can purchase data and airtime on Smart Mind with your Activity earnings. All networks are available (MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile).
  2. E-Book Sales: On Smart-Mind, you can list your E-book or other digital products for sale on the marketplace and you can also purchase other products.
  3. Forex Training: Smart-Mind also offers Forex Classes to members who are interested in learning about how to start trading in the forex market.
  4. Educational Center: Smart-Mind claims to have an Educational center where users can come and learn skills and research about different topics.
  5. Ads Placement: Smart-Mind allows users and non-users to place advertisements on their platform. These adverts are shown to their members and are also shared with non-members.
  6. Automated and Quick Withdrawal: Smart-Mind promises automated and fast withdrawals of users’ earnings on their platform.
  7. Smart-Mind also promises its users 24/7 active customer service support in case users encounter any challenges or need answers to their questions.
  8. Security: Smart Mind promises to give its users maximum security on the platform and promises to protect their information and safeguard their accounts.

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Smart-Mind Earning Structure

Below is a breakdown of Smart-Mind Earning Structure:

Smart-Mind Earning Structure
  • Welcome Bonus: NGN 2,000
  • Referral Bonus: NGN 3,000
  • Daily Site Visit: NGN 350
  • Smart Post: NGN 400
  • 2nd Gen. Affiliate: NGN 200
  • 3rd Gen. Affiliate: NGN 100

These are the ways you can earn money on Smart-Mind.

Withdrawals on Smart-Mind

Smart-Mind Review: Withdrawals

Affiliate Withdrawals

Affiliate Withdrawal on Smart-Mind takes place every Monday and Tuesday. The time of Withdrawal is between 12 to 2 p.m. The Minimum Withdrawal is NGN 6,000 (At least Two Referrals)

Non-Affiliate Withdrawals

Non-affiliate withdrawals on Smart-Mind take place automatically once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold. The Minimum withdrawal is 24,000 Smart Points which is equivalent to 12,000 Naira.

Vendor Withdrawals

This withdrawal is only applicable to Vendors on Smart Mind. Vendor Withdrawal comes up every Saturday between 2 to 3 p.m. The minimum threshold is 6,000 Naira.

Is Smart-Mind Legit?

Smart-Mind doesn’t seem to be a Legitimate platform. The earning structure is unrealistic – where will they get 350 Naira to pay users for just logging in? and 400 Naira for just sharing a post. This is just my opinion though. Smart-Mind may turn out to be legit.

This is the end of Smart-Mind Review. If you found it helpful, give a thumbs-up and drop your comments in the comment section.


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