SilverGold Platform Review: is it Legit or a Scam? How it Works, Discount

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Welcome to this SilverGold review with Double Jay. SilverGold is an online multi-level marketing platform that allows its users to earn money every day by performing simple tasks online.

In this SilverGold review, we’ll be looking at How the platform works, how to earn, the features and how to withdraw your earnings. You can also check out how to register on SilverGold here.

I’m also offering a 1,000 Naira discount on registration for my readers. You can register on SilverGold for just 4,000 Naira instead of 5,000 Naira. Message me on WhatsApp to grab your discount.

SilverGold Review

How SilverGold works

As I said earlier, SilverGold is a multi-level online marketing platform that allows its users to earn money by performing simple tasks online. Similar to Vistalog, Starmil and MetaFlux.

To register, you’ll need to pay a one-time registration fee of 5,000 Naira which will be used to purchase your coupon code. After getting the code, you’ll go to the registration page, fill in your details then register.

After registering, you’ll log in to your account and start performing your daily tasks and earning money daily. The tasks include simple things like sharing posts to your WhatsApp status or Facebook Story, watching videos, etc.

SilverGold Earning Structure (By Country)

Nigeria Earning Structure

You can earn money by performing tasks every day and you’ll be rewarded for each task as stated below:

Nigeria Earning Structure
  • Welcome Bonus: NGN 3,000
  • Referral Commission: NGN 4,000
  • Silver Post: NGN 300
  • Advert Post: NGN 300
  • Daily Login: NGN 300
  • Indirect Ref. Commission: NGN 300
  • 2nd Indirect Ref. Commission: NGN 100

You can earn by performing these tasks and also by referring people to the platform.

Cameroon Earning Structure

If you’re in Cameroon, you can earn money on SilverGold by performing simple tasks every day and you’ll be rewarded as follows:

Cameroon Earning Structure
  • Welcome Bonus: CFA 3,000
  • Referral Commission: CFA 4,000
  • Silver Post: CFA 300
  • Advert Post: CFA 300
  • Daily Login: CFA 300
  • Indirect Ref. Commission: CFA 300
  • 2nd Indirect Ref. Commission: CFA 100

And as a Cameroonian, you can register with just 4,000 CFA instead of 5,500 CFA when you get your code here.

Ghana Earning Structure

As a Ghanaian, you can earn money on SilverGold with the Tasks and Referral as follows:

Ghana Earning Structure
  • Welcome Bonus: GHS 45.7
  • Referral Commission: GHS 70
  • Silver Post: GHS 4.5
  • Advert Post: GHS 4.5
  • Daily Login: GHS 3
  • Indirect Ref. Commission: GHS 6
  • 2nd Indirect Ref. Commission: GHS 2

As a Ghanaian, you can register with just 85 GHS instead of 100 GHS when you get your code here.

Features of the SilverGold Platform

SilverGold Features
  1. Lucky Wheel – Spin and Win
  2. SilverGold E-Commerce
  3. Ads Features – Place your Adverts on SilverGold and get Turn Ups
  4. E-Learning – Free Courses and Skill Acquisition
  5. Silver Social Audience Gain
  6. Referral Challenge and Incentives
  7. Spillover for Users
  8. High Commission for Referrals
  9. 24/7 Active Customer Care

These are some of the features on the platform, they are all self-explanatory so no need to explain each one.

Withdrawals on the Platform

SilverGold Withdrawals

Affiliate Withdrawals

Affiliate Earnings can be withdrawn every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3 pm to 5 pm. With a minimum of 8,000 Naira.

Tasks Earnings Withdrawals

Non-Affiliate (Tasks Earnings) can be withdrawn on the 30th of every Month with a minimum of 25k Naira.

Is SilverGold Legit?

SilverGold seems to be a Legitimate platform at the moment because it has been paying all withdrawals and users’ earnings.

SilverGold CAC

But most of the similar platforms that were launched in the past ended up crashing with users’ money, especially task earnings.

This is the end of this SilverGold review, if you found it helpful, share it with others who might also need information about the platform. I’d also appreciate it if you could take a minute to drop a comment on what you think about this platform in the comment section below.

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