Selign Review: is it Legit or a Scam? ₦1,000 discount, How it Works, Withdrawal, etc

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Selign Review

Welcome to this Review of Selign on DoubleJayONL.com. As we all know, the internet is saturated with many platforms, earning schemes and websites. It is wise to always read reviews like this on any platform you’re interested in registering.

So in this review of the Selign platform, we’ll be looking at What Selign is all about, how it works, the features of Selign, the earning structure, and withdrawal. I’ll also give my opinion on its legitimacy.

I’m also offering a ₦1,000 Naira discount on registration for my readers who want to register on Selign. Message me on WhatsApp to register for just ₦4,000 instead of ₦5,000.

What is Selign?

Selign Review: Selign is Coming

Selign is an online multi-level marketing platform that allows users to earn money every day by performing simple tasks online and referring others to the platform.

You register with a one-time fee and you have access to all the features and earning opportunities provided on the platform to help you earn and have fun.

Let’s start by looking at the features of the Selign platform. I’ll explain each of them to give a proper understanding of what they are about.

Features on Selign

Selign Features

1. E-Learning Courses

As a User on Selign, you have access to high-value digital courses that can teach you lucrative and high-in-demand skills that can land you jobs and businesses to help you earn more even as a freelancer.

2. Stake and Win

Stake and Win

This feature allows you to stake a portion of your earnings on Selign investments and stand a chance of getting profits from the return on investments. You can stake your activity earnings or your referral earnings.

3. Selign VTU

Selign VTU

You can purchase Airtime, and Data and subscribe to your decoders at good rates with Selign VTU. It’s accessible to all users on their dashboard.

4. Interuser Games

Selign Interuser Games

On Selign, users can compete with other users in games and stake their earnings for the winners. More like game betting. The winner takes the stake of both teams.

5. Contest on Selign

Contest on Selign

Users can engage in numerous contests and challenges that will be organized by Selign periodically with Prizes and incentives for the winners and runner-ups. Like Affiliate Contest, Beauty Contest, Social Media contest and the Talent hunt contest.

6. Free Betting Tips

Free Betting Tips

If you’re a gambler, you might be interested in this one. The Selign platform offers you Free Betting tips and Signals with a 95% chance of winning (Na watin dem talk, no be me o 😂).

7. Selign Monthly Salary

Monthly Salary

Selign pays its users and Influencers monthly salaries. Note that this is not available to all users. Just be consistent as a user or influencer of selign and you stand a chance of being added to the payout roaster.

8. Selign Exchange

You can trade your CryptoCurrency and Gift cards at good rates on Selign exchange. This allows users to exchange their crypto coins and gift cards at good rates without the fear of being ripped.

9. Selign Airdrop

Another amazing Selign feature is the Selign airdrop feature where 5 random users get credited 50k for free. A Giftbos will pop up on all users’ dashboards and the first 5 people to click on the box get the prize.

10. Upload and Sell your E-Books/Courses

As a Selign user, you can upload your courses and E-books and Selign will help you to market and sell your courses with astonishing commissions.

You can also sell physical products on the Selign E-Commerce Store and get patronized by other users and even non-users.

I’ll stop here for the Features on the Selign platform. Moving forward in this review of Selign, we’ll be looking at the Earning Structure for Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.

Selign Review: Earning Structure

Nigeria Earning Structure

The Registration Fee for Nigeria is ₦5,000. But you can register with ₦4,000 only here.

Nigeria Earning Structure
  • Cashback Bonus: ₦3,500
  • Daily Visit: ₦350
  • Advert Post: ₦500
  • Selign Post: ₦200
  • Affiliate Bonus: ₦4,300
  • 2nd Generation Bonus: ₦200
  • 3rd Generation Bonus: ₦50

This is the earning structure for Nigerians. As a Nigerian, you earn by performing the following tasks listed above and you earn the amount attached.

Selign Cameroon Earning Structure

The Registration fee for Cameroon is 5,500 XAF but you can register for just 4,000 XAF only here.

Selign Cameroon Earning Structure
  • Cashback Bonus: 3,500XAF
  • Daily Visit: 350XAF
  • Advert Post: 500XAF
  • Selign Post: 200XAF
  • Affiliate Bonus: 4,300XAF
  • 2nd Generation Bonus: 300XAF
  • 3rd Generation Bonus: 50XAF

Above is the Earning Structure for Cameroonians. You can earn the above listed by performing the tasks on your dashboard daily.

Selign Ghana Earning Structure

As a Ghanaian, you can register on Selign for just 75 Cedis instead of 85 Cedis.

Selign Ghana Earning Structure
  • Cashback Bonus: 36 Cedis
  • Daily Visit: 3.3 Cedis
  • Advert Post: 4.8 Cedis
  • Selign Post: 2 Cedis
  • Affiliate Bonus: 50 Cedis
  • 2nd Generation Bonus: 2.8 Cedis
  • 3rd Generation Bonus: 0.5 Cedis

Listed above is the Earning Structure for Ghanaians.

Selign Kenya Earning Structure

If you’re in Kenya, you can register on Selign for just 700 KES instead of 750 KES.

Selign Kenya Earning Structure
  • Cashback Bonus: 420 KES
  • Daily Visit: 42 KES
  • Advert Post: 60 KES
  • Selign Post: 24 KES
  • Affiliate Bonus: 300 KES
  • 2nd Generation Bonus: 24 KES
  • 3rd Generation Bonus: 6 KES

This is the last country on the list, as a Kenyan, you can earn the following by performing your tasks daily.

Selign Review: Withdrawal

Selign Review: Withdrawal Schedule

Selign Nigerian Withdrawal

  • Minimum Tasks Earnings Withdrawal: 8,000 Naira
  • Minimum Affiliate Withdrawal: 9,000 Naira

The Withdrawal Days for Affiliate Earners are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and the Withdrawal Days for Task Earnings are the 17th and 13th of each month.

Selign Cameroon Withdrawal

  • Minimum Tasks Earnings Withdrawal: 15,000 XAF
  • Minimum Affiliate Withdrawal: 10,000 XAF

For Selign Ghana Withdrawal

  • Minimum Tasks Earnings Withdrawal: 150 Cedis
  • Minimum Affiliate Withdrawal: 200 Cedis

Selign Kenya Withdrawal

  • Minimum Tasks Earnings Withdrawal: 1,500 KES
  • Minimum Affiliate Withdrawal: 1,200 KES

Ways Selign Generates Income to Pay Task Earners

Selign Review: How they Generate Revenue
  1. Adsense: Adsense is a Google extension that allows websites and apps to generate income through impressions (views) and clicks on ads on the website. So as users interact on the selign website, adsense pays them and this is where they get part of the money to pay Task Earners.
  2. Business owners, Individuals and Marketers will pay Selign to promote their businesses, group links and social media pages to Selign’s users and Selign can generate a lot of money from this to pay Task Earners.
  3. Sales Commission: As you make Affiliate Sales with Selign, they receive a commission and they use that to pay task earners.
  4. Sales of Phone numbers and Emails
  5. Paid Reviews.


In conclusion, Selign is a good platform to join and make some passive income by just performing simple tasks online and referring. You can earn without referring but you should refer to earn more. If you’d like to learn how to refer people easily, checkout this article on how to refer people and get downlines.

Talk is Cheap, take Action!

If you’re ready to register on Selign, send a message on WhatsApp to grab your discount.

This is the end of this Selign review, if you found it helpful, make sure you share it with others. Continue visiting doublejayonl.com to get more informative reviews, updates and guides like this.

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