Referral Mastery Guide: How to Easily Refer People to Online Networking Platforms

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Referral Mastery Guide E-book

Are you struggling to get referrals to online earning platforms? Do you feel like it’s difficult to convince people to Register under you?

Well, these are common things that we all struggled with when we were starting…


In this priceless E-Book, you’re going to be learning the same Strategies that I and many other Top influencers use to get 5 to 10 Referrals daily!

Many people have been asking me how I manage to pull so many referrals to any platform I’m promoting without stress. I’ve decided to compile all my strategies and techniques in an e-book.

The truth is that it’s easy to get people to Register under you if you use the right strategies and channels and if you can communicate with them properly – and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this E-Book.

Starmil launched on the 1st of November, and in less than 4 weeks, I got over 52 referrals without running advertisements or messaging people in their DMs.

I’m not capping, I have proof:

Referral Mastery Guide - Starmil Dashboard

I’m not promising you that you’ll start getting this same result once you read this E-book, No. It’s not Magic! But I can promise you at least 3 to 5 referrals weekly with the strategies in this E-Book.

So, if you’re tired of joining platforms as an activity earner and you want to start getting referrals to any platform you join, Get this e-book, study and apply the strategies, and watch your affiliate income grow!


  1. How to Create Your Own Affiliate Blog for FREE! (Worth 15k)
  2. List of Best WhatsApp TVs to Run Adverts for Massive Turnups.
  3. FREE E-BOOK on How to Run Facebook Ads Effectively. (Worth 5k)
  4. FREE Access to my WhatsApp Membership Group. (Worth 2k)
  5. FREE E-BOOK on How to Start a Successful Blog. (Worth 5k)
  6. FREE E-BOOK on Email Marketing (Worth 3k)
  7. Talk with me and Ask Questions and Get more Insights to Earn More.

TOTAL WORTH is 30k but you’ll get it all for FREE when you Get this Referral Mastery Guide.


  1. How to Build Relationships and Gain trust of your potential referral
  2. Strategies for Increasing Referral Earnings
  3. Best ways to Communicate and promote a platform convincingly
  4. Effective Referral Channels to get Ready-to-Join Referrals
  5. How to be Super convincing in your Promotions
  6. Things to Avoid when promoting
  7. How to Choose the Right platform to promote
  8. A Banger method to get Free Referrals without posting on your Status, Group or Ads.

Your journey to becoming a referral champion starts now. Don’t procrastinate; take the first step today—get this priceless Referral Mastery guide at a 50% Discount! As you implement the strategies outlined in this eBook, you’ll find that your referral network grows, your earnings increase and your influence expands.



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  2. Jennifer Avatar

    Please how much is the ebook

    1. Double Jay ONL Avatar

      2,000 Naira only

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