Peritia Review: is peritia.app Legit or a Scam? How to Earn, Withdrawals, etc

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Peritia Review

Welcome to Double Jay Blog, in this article, we’ll review a new online earning platform, Peritia that just launched on the 25th of March.

In today’s world, there are endless opportunities to make money, especially in the internet space – all it takes is a little effort and dedication. Focusing on a 9-5 job will not help as you need a side hustle or a passive income stream to generate more money to live comfortably.

Therefore, I’ll introduce this platform called Peritia which can help you earn more money by doing simple tasks and taking 5-10 mins of your time daily.

In this Peritia review, we’ll be looking at What Peritia is all about, how it works, how to earn money on the platform, how to withdraw and the legitimacy of the platform.

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What is Peritia?

Peritia Review: CAC

Peritia is a cutting-edge digital skill centre, curated with Affiliate/Digital Marketing where earning daily in dollars is assured. Peritia is a registered international digital skills service firm aimed at involving Africans in acquiring digital skills. It provides individuals with the necessary tools to excel in today’s job market, making digital education accessible, practical, and engaging.

Peritia has two distinct Earning Packages, we’ll look at that under the Earning Structure section. Let’s continue this review to look at the Earning Structures of Peritia.

Earning Structures

As I just stated, Peritia has two distinct earning packages; the Sale Package and the Turnover Package. Let’s look at each of them below

The Sales Package

This Package encompasses features such as Sales Commission, PRT Earnings, access to the marketplace, skill acquisition, ebooks, participation in Peritia Challenges on TikTok and Instagram, goal-setting with rewards, incentives, and a variety of additional benefits.

Peritia Earning Structures

Let’s look into the Earning Structure (ways you can earn money) on the Sales Package for Nigeria and Cameroon…

  • You register with $5 (N5,000) or (5,000 XAF)
  • You receive a $3 (N3,000) or (3,000 XAF) registration bonus
  • You earn $4.1 (N4,100) or (4,100 XAF) for every referral you make
  • You receive $0,2 (N200) or (200 XAF) for spillover referral from your downline
  • You receive $0.1 (N100) or (100 XAF) for a referral from your downline’s downline
  • You receive $1 (N1,000) or (1,000 XAF) overturn spills upon reaching 50 indirect referrals
  • Get $1 (N1,000) or (1,000 XAF) daily by completing the PRT Task.
  • Participate in the TikTok challenge to earn $4 (N4,000) or (4,000 XAF) daily
  • Engage in the Instagram challenge to earn $10 (N1,000) or (4,000 XAF) weekly.

As a User, there are some other ways you can earn money on the Peritia platform:

  • Gain access to the Ebook upload as a Sales user with a $100 earning balance and earn a 30% commission per book sale.
  • Promote published ebooks on the website as a Sales user and earn a 60% commission per sale.

If you’re in Nigeria or Cameroon, you can earn money on the Sales Package on Peritia daily by performing the tasks above.

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The Turnover Package

The turnover package operates on a referral-based system, providing users with a $20 per completed turn. Participants can undertake multiple turns, each earning them $20. In addition to monetary rewards, users of this package gain access to incentives, participation in the Peritia challenge, goal-setting with rewards, and various other perks.

MLM Package Structure

Now Let’s look into the Earning Structure of the Turnover Package for Nigerians and Peritia Cameroon…

When you sign up for the Turnover package with just N4,000 or 4,000 XAF, you immediately receive $20 on your dashboard. However, access to this amount is conditional based on the following actions:

  1. You must refer 2 individuals directly using your unique referral link.
  2. You also need 4 indirect referrals, which can be any 4 individuals referred by your downlines. Bam! You’ve earned $20.


  1. If you lack an upline, you must refer a maximum of 4 people, with a requirement of 2 referrals initially. Then your downlines need to refer 2 people each, capped at 4 people in total. In a single cycle, you need a total of 6 people to complete a turn.
  2. If you registered under someone, you need to directly refer 4 people using your link. On the dashboard, 2 appear as frozen, while 2 will be displayed as Direct Referrals. Additionally, you need 4 indirect referrals, meaning any 4 referred by your downlines. Once achieved, you earn $20, regardless of whether it’s 1 direct downline registering 4 others. This completes the cycle, enabling $20 for withdrawals.
  3. You can opt to withdraw or re-subscribe. Upon resubscription, another $20 appears on your dashboard for cashout, requiring only 2 people to use your link this time, instead of 4. Then, let those 2 individuals each secure 2 referrals under them, unlocking another $20.
  4. Thus, it’s now 2 direct and 4 indirect referrals (a team of 6). You can structure it as you wish, but the maximum number of registrations per cycle using your referral link is 4. Therefore, you can register 3 or 4 people while your downline provides the rest, although 2 direct and 4 indirect referrals are typically the most feasible.
  5. Repeat the same steps for each cycle, with each cycle yielding $20.

BONUS: When you have resubscribed 5 times, the next resubscription will be free as the turn balance will be used to resubscribe.

NOTE: Resubscription is $3. This Turnover Package is available for Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.

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Peritia Review: Features

1. Peritia TikTok Challenge

TikTok Challenge

Content creators and users alike on Peritia are generously rewarded for delivering high-quality content reviews. Whether you’re on the sales package or turnover model, everyone can participate and win daily rewards.

Earn $4 every day, conveniently deposited into your local bank account hassle-free.

How to participate is duly spelt out, as seen above ⬆️

2. E-Book Sales

Peritia Offers

It’s common knowledge that selling high-quality ebooks to specific targeted customers can generate significant value for both the Affliate and the customer.

PERITIA facilitates the process of uploading and selling ebooks, ensuring accurate commissions are earned. Authors/publishers receive 30% commissions, while promoters receive 60%.

Once your Ebook is written, the next step is to publish it and Affliate it with a wide audience who will find value in it.

3. Instagram Challenge

Instagram Challenge

Similar to social media influencers who earn money by generating and sharing content, PERITIA provides users with the chance to earn enticing rewards through both a sales package and a turnover model.

By creating content on Instagram, users can earn $10 weekly with PERITIA. If you excel at content creation, don’t overlook PERITIA as it offers an opportunity to earn through Instagram.

How to participate Duly spelt out as seen on flier

4. Tasks Earnings

PRT Earnings

It was promised to be an amazing and unforgettable experience and moment with Peritia💚🚀

On Peritia you don’t literally need to refer before you can earn, or get paid! Your PRT earnings will surely be paid and given the value back on the platform!

5. Peritia Sales Incentives

Sales Incentives

Recognizing the significance of our users, PERITIA Sales Incentives offers compensation as an acknowledgement for exemplary performance and dedicated engagement on our platform.

Acknowledging users for achieving specific sales targets, rewards include a variety of prizes such as washing machines, laptops, smartphones (Samsung/iPhones), gaming consoles (PS4/PS5), international holiday trips, cars, and much more!

6. Turn-Over Model Incentives

Turnover Incentives

Users who set their goals and smash them on the turnover model also get compensated for their efforts/smart work on PERITIA!

Standing a chance of receiving an honourable incentive for the number of cycles/turns attained on the turnover model at the end of every month, it’s a win-win thing on Peritia as your time will be appreciated via incentives delivered to your doorsteps.

If you’re ready to register, message me on WhatsApp to grab your discount and join the community of Peritia users.

Peritia Review: Withdrawals

Peritia Withdrawals

Sales Withdrawal

The minimum Withdrawal for Sales Earnings is $8 and the withdrawal day for Nigeria is Sunday and Wednesday from 17:00 to 19:00 WAT.

Ghana, Cameroon and other countries can withdraw on Thursdays from 18:00 to 19:00 WAT.

MLM Withdrawal

Nigeria’s withdrawal is on Monday and Friday from 17:00 to 18:00 WAT.

Cameroon, Ghana and other countries can withdraw on Monday and Friday also, but from 18:00 to 19:00 WAT.

Peritia Review: FAQ

Allocate few minutes to earn in Dollars

Is Peritia Registered?

Peritia is duly registered and licensed by Nigeria’s Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC).

When did Peritia Launch?

Peritia launched on the 25th of March, 2024.

Is Peritia available in Ghana?

Peritia is available in Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa and Sierra Leone.

Is Peritia Legit?

Yes, Peritia is a legit online earning platform that has been paying users since its launch up to date.

How can I withdraw my money from Peritia?

You can withdraw your money through your local bank account, MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money or Crypto. There are specific withdrawal days and times to place a withdrawal.


Peritia is a legit online earning platform that allows users to earn money daily by performing selected, simple, scheduled tasks on the platform. The Tasks are simple things like sharing posts, reading articles, and watching videos.

Joining early is the best so that you can be among he early birds to enjoy the best part of the platform before it fades. If you’re ready to get started, message a vendor on WhatsApp to purchase your Code and Register at $1 Discount.

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