NovusTech Review: is novustech.net Legit? 1,500 Naira Discount, How it Works, Earning Structure, Withdrawals.

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Greatest Financial Adventure - NovusTech

Novustech is a groundbreaking digital platform that offers a unique opportunity for users to earn while engaging in various online activities. You’re reading NovusTech Review by Double Jay ONL.

This innovative platform combines elements of social media, gaming, content sharing, and more to provide users with multiple avenues for income generation. Novustech is designed to empower individuals to earn money from the comfort of their smartphones, whether they choose to refer others or not. It offers a range of earning options, including daily tasks, social media engagement, gaming, sales bonuses, and more.

  • Novus Tech Launched on the 25th of September, 2023.
  • Registration Fee is NGN 5,000 (Naira)
  • NovusTech is Certified by CAC

In this NovusTech Review, we’ll be looking at How NovusTech Works, How you Earn on NovusTech, Why you should Join, Withdrawals and it’s Legitimacy. I’ll also be giving a 1,500 Naira Discount for my Readers. So, if you want to Register, message me on WhatsApp to Grab your discount Now.

Novustech Earning Structure

Novustech boasts a robust earning structure that accommodates both affiliates and non-affiliates, offering multiple opportunities for members to earn substantial income. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Novustech earning structure:

NovusTech Earning Structure

For Non-Affiliates:

  1. Daily Task Earnings (UPost): Non-affiliates can earn up to N900 daily by completing daily tasks, such as sharing sponsored posts on social media. This is a straightforward way to make money without any referrals.
  2. Gaming: Non-affiliates can engage in games on Novustech, with the potential to earn up to N5,000 when they win. It adds a fun and competitive aspect to earning.
  3. Social Media Earnings: Novustech rewards non-affiliates for their social media engagement. This includes activities on TikTok, posting on Novustech, and participating in daily surveys. These actions can collectively generate at least 1000NV daily.
  4. Jobs and Skills Acquisition: Even without referrals, non-affiliates can access high-paying job opportunities and acquire valuable skills through Novustech’s platform.
  5. Sport Betting: Novustech offers a sport betting feature that allows non-affiliates to place bets without risking their funds. Winning bets can yield earnings of up to N50,000.
  6. Staking and Farming: Non-affiliates can choose to stake their earnings, allowing them to earn more within the Novustech platform.
  7. Noval Marketplace: If non-affiliates have goods, products, skills, or services to offer, they can showcase them on Novustech’s marketplace for free.
  8. 22nd Century Modern Skills Acquisition: Novustech provides non-affiliates with the opportunity to learn valuable tech skills for free, enhancing their employability and entrepreneurial potential.
  9. Web 3 in Web 2: Novustech prioritizes the security of members’ funds by using contract addresses to ensure maximum security.

For Affiliates:

  1. Direct Referral Bonus: Affiliates earn N4,000 instantly when they invite someone to join Novustech using their affiliate link.
  2. Indirect Referral Bonuses: Affiliates earn N300 when their direct downlines invite others to join Novustech. They also earn N100 when the downlines of their downlines invite new members.
  3. Sales Bonus: Affiliates receive additional income through sales bonuses. This bonus can accumulate, providing further earning potential.
  4. Ebook Promotion: Affiliates can promote ebooks on Novustech and earn a generous 60% commission for each sale.
  5. Staking and Farming: Affiliates can grow their earnings by staking them within the Novustech platform.

NovusTech provides both affiliates and non-affiliates with a wide array of earning options. This flexibility ensures that members can tailor their earning strategies to their preferences and abilities, making NovusTech an inclusive platform for financial growth.

NovusTech Review: Others to Earn

1. Noval Games

You get to play Noval games with other users on NovusTech, where you can make up to N5000 when you win a game.

2. Noval Sport Betting

Instead of placing bets with huge amount of money on betting platforms, you can place bet without anything on NovusTech and win as much as N50,000. 💰 YOU BET WITH NOTHING & WIN SOMETHING 🚀

3. Earning through Staking and Farming

Even while you earn on NovusTech, you can still stake your earnings to get more earnings on NOVUSTECH!

3. Earning through Freelancing

What you do right now, the skills you acquire will determine wether you will be irrelevant or relevant in labour market few years to come. You can only be relevant if you have acquired future requires skills from the intellects.

NovusTech have created an avenue where you can learn any skill of your choice for free without paying a dime. After learning these skills, you can also land a job with these skills straight on NOVUSTECH.

You can start making money immediately if you have a skill already, but you can still learn more advanced 22nd century skills of your choice. Whether you have skills or not, you can land high paying jobs on NovusTech without stress.

4. Earning through Social Media

There are lots of ways to earn on your social media accounts and make nothing less than 1000N daily by using Novustech. They are possible & They are stress – free processes

  • Through TikTok
  • Through Noval posts
  • Through Daily Survey

5. Noval Marketplace

You have a product? You’re a business owner or u want to build ur audience on WhatsApp?

Stop paying for advert because NovusTech is here for you. As a user on NovusTech, you can upload your goods directly on the site and make massive sales.

Features on Novus Tech

NovusTech operates on a simple yet powerful principle: it allows users to monetize their online activities. Whether you’re an active referrer or simply enjoy engaging in various online tasks, NovusTech offers multiple avenues to earn. Here are some Features on NovusTech:

1. Daily Tasks: Novustech provides daily tasks for users to complete. These tasks, often involving sharing sponsored posts on social media, can earn users up to N900 daily. This is a straightforward way to earn money by spending a few minutes each day on the platform.

2. Gaming: Novustech offers an engaging gaming feature where users can play games against other members. Winning a game can reward you with up to N5,000. It adds an element of fun and competition to your earnings.

3. Social Media Engagement: Users can earn by actively engaging on social media. Posting, sharing, and participating in activities on the platform can generate earnings of at least 1000NV daily. This feature essentially rewards you for your social media presence.

4. Skill Acquisition and Jobs: Novustech provides opportunities for users to land high-paying jobs and acquire new skills. Whether you’re a professional looking for job opportunities or someone seeking to learn new skills, Novustech has you covered.

5. Sport Betting: Novustech offers a sport betting feature, allowing users to place bets without risking their money. Winning bets can yield as much as N50,000 in earnings, making it a thrilling way to increase your income.

6. Staking and Farming: Users can stake their earnings to earn even more on Novustech. This feature allows you to grow your income passively by investing your earnings within the platform.

7. Noval Marketplace: Novustech features a marketplace where users can showcase and sell their products, skills, or services for free. It’s a platform designed to boost your business or entrepreneurial ventures.

8. Skills Acquisition: Novustech offers a 22nd-century modern skills acquisition program. Users can learn essential tech skills for free, enhancing their employability and entrepreneurial potential.

9. Web 3 in Web 2: Novustech places a strong emphasis on the security of your funds. They use contract addresses to ensure the maximum security of your earnings.

Whether you’re an affiliate who enjoys referring others or a non-affiliate who prefers to focus on tasks and activities, NovusTech offers a diverse range of earning options. This versatility makes NovusTech an inclusive platform where individuals with various interests and skills can achieve financial success.

Why is NovusTech Unique?

Referral not Compulsory on NovusTech
  • NovusTech is a Global Project, available to Users Worldwide
  • Requires only a One-Time Registration Fee of 5,000 Naira
  • Get Paid directly into your Local Bank Account
  • You can withdraw your Activity Earnings Monthly
  • You can Withdraw your Affiliate Earnings Two Times in Weekly

Withdrawals on NovusTech

  • You can withdraw your Sales Earnings Twice weekly: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 4PM – 6PM with Minimum withdrawal of N7,000.
  • You also withdraw your task Earnings anytime your Earnings is up to N30,000. Withdrawal is automated without stress. And you get paid directly to your Bank account or you can withdraw in DOLLARS as USDT to your Crypto Wallet.
  • Affiliate Withdrawal is twice Weekly (Tuesdays and Fridays) in the Morning and Night.
Withdrawal is Open

Is NovusTech Legit?

NovusTech may or may not be Legit. Many Platforms like this have come and gone in the Past, until withdrawal Period, NovusTech cannot be tagged Legit or a Scam. But if you’re a Risk Taker and will like to take the Risk, you can go ahead. It’s just 3,500 Naira for Registration (With my Discount).

Greatest Financial Adventure - NovusTech


In conclusion, NovusTech emerges as a transformative force in the digital landscape, offering individuals the chance to not only harness the immense power of social media but also to earn substantial rewards while doing so.

This is the End of NovusTech Review, continue visiting doublejayonl.com to Get updates on Paying Platforms and Earning Opportunities. To Register on NovusTech, Message me on WhatsApp to Grab your Discount. Also drop your Comments and Reactions on what you think about NovusTech.

NovusTech Available Globally


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