Naija Get Help Investment review: A Cheap Scam to Avoid!

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conceptual photo of a money scam

So, I recently came across this Investment Platform called Naija Get Help Investment. This is a very cheap scam and I never even wanted to write a review on it. But I noticed that a good number of people are falling victims of it, so I decided to write a review about it.

Naija Get help investment is a Scam platform, they promise to double your investment in less than 1hour. How is that Possible? I’m really surprised that some people still fall for things like this, lol.

conceptual photo of a money scam
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How they Work

Let me give an Overview of How they say their platform works:

Naija Get help investment is an online scam platform that operates on WhatsApp (they don’t even have a website). They have a WhatsApp group where they add members and give updates to them. Immediately you join, one of their Admins will message you and explain how the investment works.

According to them, they trade your investment on Bitcoin (Crypto Currency) and they get 300% of your Investment in 45minutes. 😂😂😂 They will give you 200%, which is double of your investment and keep the remaining 100% to themselves. They claim to be a Company, but when I checked, they are not registered with any Governmental organization(s).

For Example, if you invest 50,000 Naira, within 45-50 Minutes, their mining system drops 300% of your investment, that is 150,000 Naira. They will send you 100,000 Naira and keep 50,000 Naira as their Profit. You will pay directly to any of the admins on the group and they’ll also credit you directly.

Investment Packages on Naija get Help Investment

They have 3 different investment packages with separate Amount range. the Student Package, the Workers package and the Business Package.

Student Package

  • Invest 20,000 Naira to Get 40,000 Naira
  • Invest 30,000 Naira to Get 60,000 Naira
  • Invest 40,000 Naira to Get 80,000 Naira

Workers Package

  • Invest 50,000 Naira to Get 100,000 Naira
  • Invest 60,000 Naira to Get 120,000 Naira
  • Invest 100,000 Naira to Get 200,000 Naira
  • Invest 150,000 Naira to Get 300,000 Naira
  • Invest 200,000 Naira to Get 400,000 Naira

Business Package

  • Invest 250,000 Naira to Get 500,000 Naira
  • Invest 300,000 Naira to Get 600,000 Naira
  • Invest 350,000 Naira to Get 700,000 Naira
  • Invest 400,000 Naira to Get 800,000 Naira
  • Invest 450,000 Naira to Get 900,000 Naira
  • Invest 500,000 Naira to Get 1,000,000 Naira

Naija get Help Investment is a Scam ⚠

I repeat, Naija Get Help Investment is a Scam! (No talk say I no warn you o). So, why is it a Scam?

  1. How can you tripple someone’s investment in 45minutes? No be juju be dat? 😂 There’s no way you can generate 300% of someone’s Investment in 45minutes with Crypto Currency. It’s just not possible; crypto rises and falls and it takes time to have a significant increase in value, It can’t just tripple in 45minutes.
  2. The second obvious reason why Naija Get help investment is a Scam is because they do hack people’s WhatsApp to get new members. They hacked the WhatsApp account of someone I know, then started messaging his contacts and spamming groups that he belongs to.
  3. They don’t have a website, no good Graphics, they are not Registered under any Government organization and the admins use a Fake Picture as their DP.
  4. They have so many accounts that do drop fake Payment Screenshots, Scripted Chats and Editted Alerts to convince others that they’re Legit.
  5. After getting scammed, they quietly remove you from their Group 😂

No go loose guard o, them go carry your money run. No talk say I no warn you. If you still decide to invest, that one concern you sha. 🥱

If you found this review helpful, Join my Update Group on WhatsApp. I do post updates on paying platforms and also warn my Members against Scam platforms, you can also ask about any Investment platform you come across and we’ll investigate and inform you whether or not it’s safe to try.

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