MetaFlux Review: Is MetaFlux Legit? How to Earn, ₦1,000 Discount, etc

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MetaFlux Review: Networking Beyond Horizons

In this blog post, we’ll be talking about MetaFlux. This is more like a Review of What MetaFlux is all about, How it Works, the Features on the Platform, the Earning Structure, Withdrawal mode and whether it is Legitimate or a Ponzi Scheme.

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Make sure you read this review well so that you’ll get all the details about the MetaFlux platform. Let’s start with what MetaFlux is and how it works.

What is MetaFlux?

MetaFlux Review

MetaFlux is an online network platform launching on the 3rd of February 2024. MetaFlux allows its users to make money online by performing simple tasks such as Sharing Posts, Clicking on Ads, Reading Articles, etc.

How does it Work?

You can become a member of MetaFlux with just a one-time registration fee of ₦5,000. This will be used to purchase a unique coupon code that will be used to activate your account during registration.

After registering, you receive a welcome bonus of ₦3,000 on your dashboard and you can now start performing tasks and earning money. Continue reading to see the tasks you’ll perform and how much you will get paid per task…

How to Earn on MetaFlux

Before we proceed, note that:

  1. On MetaFlux, you register with a one-time registration fee of ₦5,000.
  2. You get ₦3,000 immediately after you register on MetaFlux as a new user and have access to all the Features and Earning potentials the platform offers.

How to Earn with Tasks

Now let’s look at the tasks you can perform on MetaFlux and how much you will earn per task:

MetaFlux Earning Structure
  • Read to Earn: You read blog posts on MetaFlux and earn ₦200 for each blog post you read.
  • Pay-to-Click: Each ad you click on MetaFlux earns you ₦200 immediately.
  • Meta Engage Bonus: You engage on posts from Sponsors on MetaFlux and get paid ₦300 for engaging.

Metaflux Referral Commissions

Apart from your normal tasks earnings, you can still earn money when you refer your friend to join MetaFlux with your Referral Link.

Direct Referral: You earn ₦4,200 for each person you invite to the platform through your link.

Indirect Referral: You also earn ₦300 when the person you invited invites another person.

Note: The Referral part is not compulsory as you have more than enough features to earn even without referring anybody.

If you want to refer but don’t know how to refer people, I’ll advise you to check this blog post to Learn how to Refer people to Online Network Platforms.

Features on MetaFlux

Now let’s look at some of the extra features on the MetaFlux platform that are accessible to all users.

  1. On Metaflux, you gain access to games such as Spin and Win, Jackpot, etc and you also participate in their Quiz contest as a registered member.
  2. On MetaFlux, you earn a certain amount of money for every minute you spend reading their blog post. So, the longer you read, the more you earn.
  3. Aside from your normal earnings, MetaFlux always pays you a monthly salary based on your work on the platform.
  4. With MetaFlux, you have access to 24/7 Virtual top-up which means that you can buy Airtime and Data with your earnings on the platform.
  5. MetaFlux is available to users beyond Nigeria, users in Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, and Kenya can also earn on MetaFlux.
  6. MetaFlux provides 24/7 Customer Service to help you out whenever you have an issue.

These are some of the extra features MetaFlux has provided to its users to help them benefit more from the platform.

Continue reading, we’re gradually coming to the end of the MetaFlux Review. The next thing we’ll be discussing is the Withdrawals…

Withdrawals on MetaFlux


Affiliate Withdrawals

Affiliate Earnings can be Withdrawn every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 5 pm to 6 pm. The Minimum withdrawal is ₦10,000.

Tasks Withdrawals

Non-affiliate earnings can be withdrawn on the 30th of every month. With a Minimum withdrawal of ₦25,000.

All Withdrawals are made to your Local Bank account or Momo after placing a withdrawal.

The last thing we’ll look at in this MetaFlux Review is whether or not MetaFlux is Legit or a Scam…

Is MetaFlux Legit or a Scam?

MetaFlux may be a Scam because many similar platforms have come and gone without fulfilling their promises, especially to Non-Affiliate Earners (People who did not refer others).

This is just my personal opinion on the platform and should be treated as such. I have no Affiliations with MetaFlux and I’m not a Financial Adviser. This blog post is written purely for traffic purposes.

This is the End of this MetaFlux review, if you found it helpful, kindly share it with others to enlighten them.

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