MetaFlux Registration, Discount on Coupon Code [How to Register]

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In this MetaFlux Registration Article, I’ll show you how to register on MetaFlux, How to Get your Coupon Code at Discount, How the MetaFlux Platform works in Ghana, Cameroon and also how to register your downline using your link.

I’ll be giving my Cameroonian Readers a 1,000 FRS discount on Registration on MetaFlux, my Nigerian readers a ₦1,000 discount on Registration and my Ghanaian readers a 10cedis discount on MetaFlux Registration.

How to Get MetaFlux Coupon Code

You can get coupon codes from a Legit MetaFlux Vendor on WhatsApp. You just make a payment for your code and it will be sent to you.

MetaFlux Coupon Code costs CFA/₦5,000 but you can get it for just CFA/₦4,000 here. After getting your MetaFlux coupon code, you can proceed to register on MetaFlux.

How to Register on MetaFlux

After getting your MetaFlux coupon code from the vendor on WhatsApp, he will send you a MetaFlux registration link. Click on the link and you’ll be taken to the signup page on your browser. The Page looks like this:

MetaFlux Registration Page

After that, fill in your details on the page. The required details are your Name, Email, Username, Password, Phone number and Coupon Code.

Then click on the Choose your Package drop-down menu and select the MetaFlux package. Tick the blank space to agree to the terms and Click on the Register button and you’ll be redirected to the dashboard.

If you have your MetaFlux coupon code already and you don’t have a registration link, you can use this link:

MetaFlux Login

After registration, you can log in to your MetaFlux account with this link:

Open the link on your browser then fill in your username and password to log in.

MetaFlux in Ghana

MetaFlux is available in Ghana. If you’re in Ghana, you can register on MetaFlux with just 90 cedis instead of 100 cedis. Get your Coupon Code here with the 10 cedis discount.

You can earn at least 10 to 12 cedis every day by performing simple tasks online on the MetaFlux platform.

MetaFlux Cameroon

MetaFlux is also available in Cameroon. If you’re in Cameroon, you can register on MetaFlux with just 4,000 CFA instead of 5,000 CFA. Get your Coupon Code here with the 1,000 CFA discount.

You can earn at least 700 to 900 CFA every day by performing simple tasks online on the MetaFlux platform.

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How to Register Your Downlines on MetaFlux

If you decide to refer people on MetaFlux and you don’t know how to register your downlines on MetaFlux, read this section to understand how to Register your Downlines.

When a downline of yours is ready to register on MetaFlux, he will pay his registration fee to you. Then you’ll get the coupon code from a MetaFlux Vendor.

After getting the code, you can tell your downline to drop his Details for registration so that you’ll register him yourself or you can send him the link and the code to register himself using your link.

If you send him the link and the code, make sure that he sees your username on the registration page as his upline before he registers or else you won’t get your referral bonus.

If you’re registering him yourself, you’ll have to log out of your account first. Then open your referral link on a browser. Fill in his details and the coupon code and then click on register.

After registration, you will send him the login link and tell him his password. He can always change his password on the profile page.

This is the end of this MetaFlux Registration article, if you found it helpful, share it with others. If you’re having any issues with your registration, you can send me a message on WhatsApp and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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