ClickSense: How to Earn Money and Is it Legit? N1,500 Discount

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Clicksense dey Pay

ClickSense is an online money-making platform owned by Izy, the owner of ………….. This platform allows its users to generate income by Engaging on Ads, Blogging, Trading Digital Assets, Creating TikTok videos, etc.

In this ClickSense Review, we’ll be exploring the ways through which you can earn as a User on the platform; we’ll also consider other aspects such as How to set up your profile, How to perform your tasks and how to withdraw your earnings directly to your Local Bank account.

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Summary of Earning Structure

Let’s take a look at ClickSense’s Earning Structure: The ways you can earn money on the platform.

Clicksense Standard Payment System
TaskEarnings (In Dollars)
Sign Up Cashback$4.00
TikTok Pay (Per 1k Views)$1-$2
Team Gift (Daily)$2.50-$5.00
Click and Earn$1-$3
CS Blog (Daily)$5-$10
Referral Commission$5.00
1st Indirect Ref$0.30
2nd Indirect Ref$0.10
Table showing the Earning Structure of ClickSense

Take a Look at the Earning Structure for various Countries in their Local currency:

How to Earn on ClickSense

As you can see from the Earning Table above, you automatically get credited $4 once you register on ClickSense. When you create a TikTok video for ClickSense and it gets 1,000 views, you earn from $1 to $2. You also get credited from $2.5 to $5 everyday depending on how active your Team is.

You also earn money on ClickSense when you click on Ads, you get at least $1. If you write on the platform’s blog, you’ll be paid from $5 to $10 based on how your article performs.

Clicksense Multiple Streams of Income

That’s not all, you can also earn big on ClickSense when you refer others to join the platform. Clicksense will pay you $5 for every new user you refer. You also earn $0.30 when your downline (the person you referred) brings another person and an additional $0.10 when that person brings in another new user.

Although referring is not mandatory, it’ll help you earn more money on the platform. If you want to learn how to refer people well and earn millions on ClickSense, make sure you get this E-book.

How to Register on Clicksense

To register on Clicksense, you’ll pay for your activation code which costs just $6. You’ll pay to a Clicksense Vendor and get your code. After that, visit the registration page and fill in your details with the code you got from the vendor then click on Register. You can get a $1.5 discount on the registration fee when you purchase from me.

Clicksense PR

Who can register on ClickSense?

Clicksense is designed to be a Global Platform; so anyone from any country can register. However, the platform is more prominent in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Sierra Leone.

Features on Clicksense

There are extra cool and amazing features that Clicksense offers its users to ensure their experience on the platform is great. Let’s take a look at some of the features on the platform:

Clicksense Benefits and Features

Take a glance at all these benefits and tell me why you would want to miss out just because you’re scared of registering 🤔.

Is that how you intend to make millions? When you can’t risk just $6 (6k) to enjoy all these benefits 💸?

You’re getting way more than what you’re paying for. ClickSense is here to liberate us all. Don’t miss out🚀

1. Marketable Courses

Marketable Courses

Instead of paying huge amounts of money to learn digital courses such as crypto and forex trading, web design, DeFi, drop shipping, and more.

Why not register on Clicksense and get access to these courses and other high-demand courses for FREE? 🎓✨

The courses you’ll be learning are in high demand and can help you start making huge amounts of money! 💰📈

2. Click Xchange

Clicks Xchange

Those who trade digital assets like gift cards and crypto, get to experience high and unbeatable rates on Clicksense, plus fast and secure payments. 💳💰🚀

You also get to enjoy a 1% extra commission when you trade or when your friends trade through you. 💵🤝
E.g For $1000 worth of trade, you get an extra commission of $10

3. Advert Commission

Clicksense Advert Commission

Get more followers on social media or grow your business by advertising on Clicksense and enjoy a 5% discount! 📈📲

You also get to enjoy a 5% commission whenever someone advertises on the platform through you. 💰✨ Leveraging this allows you to make 50 – 150k weekly. 🚀💵

4. TikTok Pay

TikTok Pay

This is the easiest $100 you can make using TikTok. 💸

Don’t wait until everyone around you has cashed out millions through this feature on Clicksense before you decide to register. 😀

Be part of the early beneficiaries so you can make the most of this opportunity.💯

5. CS Blog

Cs Blog Engage

This is the easiest money you can make online at the moment. All you need to do is generate and upload your blogs using AI tools💱✍️.

After uploading the blog, sit back and start earning as thousands of people on ClickSense engage with your blog 💰💹

You can be offline or busy doing something else while your ClickSense account generates lots of dollars for you through CS BLOG 🤑

6. Downline Gift

Downline Gifts

Being under an active upline like me allows you to enjoy daily team gifts of up to $5 daily💱🎁💰

This feature is for lazy people who want free things. You can call this an airdrop cos its free, you’re not working for it. You don’t even need to TAP TAP 😂😂

7. 24/7 Customer Service

Clicksense Customer Service

To ensure you earn and withdraw seamlessly on Clicksense, they have provided a 24/7 customer support team dedicated to delivering the best customer experience. 

The customer support team is available to assist with password resets 🔒, account security 🔐, payment requests 💳, and any other issues that may arise. 📞

You have absolutely nothing to worry about on Clicksense. If you want to enjoy working online and getting paid seamlessly, join Clicksense today💼💸

Clicksense Withdrawal: Method, Days, Time

Clicksense Withdrawal

Commission Revenue comprises all your earnings from these sources:

  • Referral Commission
  • Indirect Commission
  • TikTok Pay
  • Ads Commission
  • Xchange Commission

These earnings will all be added to your commission Revenue balance. You can withdraw this fund on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays between 5pm to 6pm.

The Minimum withdrawal amount is $10 (N10,000) or (10,000XAF)

Is Clicksense Legit?

No Fear!

Clicksense is LEGIT and there’s no reason to say otherwise given the background check of the CEO, Izy. He has launched many platforms, and they all went well without issues, paying all their users.


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