Guinex Coin Platform Review: is it Legit? #1,000 Discount, How it Works, etc

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Guinex Coin

Welcome to this Review of Guinex Coin platform. Many online earning platforms have been popping out regularly and it’s wise for you to read reviews and articles about any platform you’re interested in joining so as to know how it works and the legitimacy. This will help you avoid falling a victim to scam platforms.

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This article will be brief and straight to the point, so without wasting time, let’s begin this review by analysing what Guinex Coin is all about.

NB: This is a Paid Review

What is Guinex Coin?

Guinex Coin Review

Guinex Coin is an online affiliate platform where its users (Affiliates and Non-Affiliates) earn by performing simple daily tasks on the site. Guinex Coin is a legit online platform where you can make 5k to 50k daily by performing tasks and referring others to the platform.

A Few Notes on Guinex Coin:

  • Referring is completely optional, whether or not you do, you will get paid.
  • Payments are processed automatically, directly to your bank account.
  • You pay for Registration once: No Age Restriction, You can use any Bank account, and you earn any time, any day.
  • Guinex Coin is available to people in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana.

Let’s move forward to look at the Features of Guinex Coin…

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Features on Guinex Coin

Guinex Coin Features
  1. 24/7 Customer Support
  2. Marketplace
  3. Top Referral Contest
  4. 5-Figure Beautiful Promotion Video contest
  5. Monthly Jolly
  6. VTU Implementation
  7. Skill Acquisition
  8. Multi-Entry (P2P)
  9. Spin and Win
  10. Boosting of Social Media account
  11. Guinex Voucher

Let’s talk about these Features briefly

1. Customer Support

Customer Support

On Guinex Coin, their customer care can be reached through an online support ticket. If you’ve got issues, you can access their customer care using the contact details on their landing page, or the dashboard.

To contact their customer service through your dashboard, you simply get a support ticket and lodge your complaints, it’ll be answered within 12 to 24 hours and you’ll be notified on your dashboard.

2. Referral Contest

Referral Contest

Guinex coin will be hosting its very first team contest which is worth 1 million naira prize awards. As an Affiliate user on Guinex coin, you have access to these features and choose your team to win this money.

Affiliate Influencers get compensated with incentives. You earn huge incentive prize awards when you hit or smash our monthly Affiliate/Referral challenges. Influencers are entitled to cash prizes and gifted awards as well as branded souvenirs from the brand.

3. Monthly Jolly

Monthly Enjoyment

Here, we allow users to have access to monthly giveaways on our telegram channel every last Thursday of the month.

4. Market Place

Here, users can advertise their products and services to reach Guinex Coin users, this feature will also help the platform generate income to pay Non-Referrals.

5. Guinex Coin VTU

Guinex Recharge

This is a feature that allows you as a user to purchase data/airtime plans for all networks with his or her activity earnings.

6. Skill Acquisition

Skills Acquisition

Guinex Coin will be teaching its users alot of skills such as Freelancing, Copy Writing, Graphics Designing, etc with the courses available on the E-Learning section of the website.

7. Multi-Entry (P2P)

Guinex P2P

So this is the juicy one, users can register another user with their activity earnings and keep the registration fee.

8. Spin and Win

Spin Wheel

This feature allows you as a fully registered member to spin and stand a chance of winning huge amount of money ranging from N200 to N100 daily. It’s a game of luck.

Let’s stop on the features here so I won’t give much unneccesary details. Let’s move on to the Earning Structure…

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Guinex Coin Earning Packages

There are two packages in Guinex Coin: The Lite Package and the Super Package.

The Super Package

The Registration Fee for the Super Package is 4,500 Naira.

Guinex Coin Super Package
  • Welcome Bonus: 3,000 GC
  • Daily Login: 300 GC
  • Affiliate Reward: 3,500 Naira
  • 1st Indirect Reward: 200 Naira
  • 2nd Indirect Reward: 100 Naira
  • Sponsored Post: 200 GC
  • Guinex Coin Task: 300 GC

The Lite Package

The Registration fee for the Lite Package is 3,000 Naira.

Guinex Coin Lite Package
  • Welcome Bonus: 2,000 GC
  • Daily Login: 150 GC
  • Affiliate Reward: 2,000 Naira
  • 1st Indirect Reward: 100 Naira
  • 2nd Indirect Reward: 50 Naira
  • Sponsored Post: 200 GC
  • Guinex Coin Task:150 GC

Guinex Coin Withdrawal

Guinex Coin Review: Withdrawal

Affiliate Withdrawal

Affiliate Withdrawal is 3 Times a week, by 3pm to 4pm.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Minimum withdrawal is 8,000 Naira for the Super Package and 5,000 Naira for the Lite Package.

Non-Affiliate Withdrawal

Non-Affiliates get paid monthly every 1st of the month. To withdraw as a Non-Affiliate, you need to have the minimum withdrawal threshold of 18,000 GC for Super Package or 12,000 GC for Lite Package.

Non-Affiliates don’t need to place Withdrawal, you’ll get paid automatically on the withdrawal day.

Is Guinex Coin Legit?

Guinex Coin Review: CAC

Guinex Coin is fully registered and certified by the Government of Nigeria. They have been licensed under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) which was promulgated in the year 1990 to regulate the formation and management of companies in Nigeria.

Why you should Join Guinex Coin

Why Guinex Coin
  • High Instant Welcome Bonus
  • High daily income bonus
  • Access to Airtime and Data (VTU) services
  • Learn some 21st Century skills
  • High Referral commission

If you’re ready to register, Send Guinex Coin a Message on WhatsApp to register at a discount.

This is the end of this Guinex Coin Review. If you found it helpful and informative, share it to your friends. Guinex Coin website is accessible at

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