Fluxify Review: is fluxify Legit? 500 Naira discount, How it Works, Earning Structure, Features, Withdrawals, etc.

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Introducing Fluxify

The Internet is now a Hot Cake for making money in today’s world. Fluxify offers you an avenue to earn money on a daily basis from the comfort of your home. In this Fluxify Review, we’ll be looking at What Fluxify is all about, how it Works, Features on Fluxify, The Earning Structure, How Fluxify Generates Funds to pay its users, why you should Join Fluxify, Withdrawals and its Legitimacy. I’ll also be giving a 1,500 Naira Discount for my Readers. Message a Vendor here on WhatsApp to Grab your Discount.

Make sure you read to the end so that you’ll understand everything about the Platform.

Introducing Fluxify

Fluxify is an groundbreaking digital Platform that offers it’s users a unique Avenue to Earn Money through Networking and various digital Tasks.

Fluxify is designed to engage users in performing simple tasks daily and offers rewards and bonuses for their Participation.

Fluxify aims to high-ticket tasks to their Users while enduring that participants receive value for their Time and Effort.

  • Fluxify is Launched on 5th of November, 2023.
  • Registration Fee for Fluxify is 3,500 Naira.
  • Fluxify is open to Users all over Africa.

Fluxify Earning Structure

Now, let’s Take a Close Look at Fluxify’s Earning Structure… 😁🤑

  • Welcome Bonus: NGN 500
  • Daily Login: NGN 50
  • Daily Tasks: NGN 200
  • Affiliate Bonus: NGN 2,500
  • Indirect Affiliate Bonus: NGN 100
  • 2nd Indirect Affiliate Bonus: NGN 50
  • Daily Ads Click: NGN 100
  • CPA Tasks: NGN 200
  • Sponsored Posts: NGN 100

These are ways Users can earn Money on Fluxify, apart from other means like Spin and Win, Contests, and Giveaways.

In total, Activity Earnings for Each Day is 700 Naira to 900 Naira. Because Social Tasks won’t be made available every day. 💰 Get ready to Earn Massively on this Project.

Grab your Discount.

Fluxify is offering a 500 Naira Discount for my Readers That means you’ll register with just 3,000 Naira instead of 3,500 Naira. Message me on WhatsApp to Grab your Discount Now!

Why should you Join Fluxify? 🤔

  • Earn money Daily by just performing simple tasks
  • Earn Big when you refer your Friends to Register
  • Periodic Giveaways for our Users
  • Earn Daily without any referral
  • Withdraw Directly to your Local Bank Account
  • Periodic Contests for Users to earn more Money
  • Easily Navigable Dashboard
  • Active Customer Support

There are many More Reasons why you shouldn’t miss Fluxify.

How much you can Earn on Fluxify

I’ll want to start by saying there’s no Limit to what you can potentially earn on Fluxify. The possibilities are endless.

But I’ll make a Little calculation of the least any users of Fluxify can potentially Earn. 👇👇👇

💰 Activity Earnings 💰

For activity earners, you earn 100 Naira for Daily Login, 100 Naira for ads click, 200 Naira for Sponsored Posts and 100 Naira for Daily Tasks.

That means in a Daily, the minimum you can earn is 500 Naira.

In a Week, you’re earning 3,500 Naira.

In a Month, you’re earning nothing less than 14k.

By just performing simple tasks that you do everyday on your Phone 🥵

This is apart from the Giveaways, Contests and other means you can earn money on Fluxify o. 😂

🤑 Affiliate Earnings 🤑

For those who want to Earn more money on Fluxify, you can do so by Referring your Friends, your Family and other people to Join Fluxify.

You’ll be rewarded with 3,500 naira for every person you Bring to Fluxify. 🥵

For 10people, you’ll earn 35,000. 😱
For 20people, you’ll earn 70,000.

But it’s not compulsory, you can decide to focus on your activity earnings and you’ll still earn at least 14k monthly.

Fluxify is not here to play, get Ready for Serious money making! Make December for sweet. 😋

Features on Fluxify

1. Fluxify VTU Portal

On Fluxify, you can use your Activities Earnings to purchase Data and Airtime so you’ll never run out of Data to Surf the Net.

Also, our Data Plans are Cheap so you can as Well Resell to others and Make Profit.

2. Affiliate Contests for Promoters

This is for Promoters, an Affiliate Contest will Begin immediately after launch, Rewards in form of Cash and Gadgets will be given to Promoters based on their Number of Downlines.

  • For 50 Downlines, you’ll get 20,000 Naira.
  • For 100 Downlines, you’ll be rewarded with 50,000 Naira.
  • For 150 Downlines, you’ll be given 70,000 naira.
  • For 200 Downlines, you’ll be given a New Techno Camon 19 Pro together with a 30k Cash Reward.
  • For 500 Downlines, you’ll be given a Brand New iPhone 11 Pro with 25k Cash Reward.
  • For 1,000 Downlines, you’ll be given a Brand New Laptop, New iPhone 11 and 35k Cash Reward.

The Contest will end after 3months, the person with the Highest Downlines will receive extra $1,000 Cash Prize.

3. Social Tasks on Fluxify

We aim to provide as many means as Possible for our Users to Earn Money by Performing Various Tasks. In our Social Tasks, users get to earn Money by performing simple tasks on Social Media, these tasks include Following Social Media Accounts, Commenting and Liking Posts, sharing of Social Media Content, etc.

This is a separate way to earn apart from your Daily Tasks, Clicking of Ads and Post Sharing.

4. Hashtag Contests

Social Media Contests will also be held once every Month and it’ll span for a Period of 7Days (1 Week).

In this Contest, users will be made to Create Social Media Posts with Some hashtags and Post on their Social Media Pages.

The Instructions on how each Contest is to be held will be communicated to members a week before the contest Kick-starts.

Rewards will also be changed after every Contest.

5. Spin to Cash (Spin Wheel)

You can also participate in Fluxify’s Spin to Cash. You’ll Spin the wheel and random gifts will be given to different Random people. It’s actually a Game of Luck, so if you don’t win anything today, you might get lucky tomorrow.

More Amazing features are being delibrated on. Once they’re finalized, they’ll be communicated to you in the Next Presentation that’ll be held.

Just keep it in Mind that Fluxify is going to make Waves. 🤑

How we Generate Income on Fluxify

You might be wondering how we can Generate Funds to Pay our Users. 😆

For Transparency sake, I’ll explain in Details how Fluxify Generates income to pay off it’s Users.


1. Through Adverts

We’ll show adverts on our Website, this is a very Good way to Generate Income to pay off our Users.

We don’t have to wait for someone to Pay us to display adverts, no! We have already Applied for and gotten approved by a Standard Ads Network.

With our Ads Network, we just add a Code to our Site and Relevant Advertisements will be displayed for Users to click on.

How Much can we Earn from Ads?

On average, you can get paid $2.5-$10 per 1,000 impressions (Views). And you can get upto $0.5 per click on ads.

Now, let’s take for instance we have 1,000 active members who are clicking on ads daily. That means we’ll generate about $500 daily. And $1 is now equivalent to 900 naira.

We’ll pay you 100 naira for your ad click and we keep the rest for other Low-earning tasks like Social media tasks and daily tasks.

2. Content Monetization

Do you know that Bloggers and Content Creators earn money on a Daily basis (in hundreds or even thousands of dollars $).

We know that this is a Very Good way to generate income so you have decided to explore it, we’ll collaborate with Bloggers and Content Creators and send Traffic (Views) to their monetized Blogs, they’ll generate more money and we’ll take a percentage of their earnings and use it to pay our Users.

This is a Very Lucrative way to Generate Income and that’s why Sponsored posts is also a Means of Earning on Fluxify.

We’ll post Blog links for you to share as Sponsored Posts, when you share these posts, the blog will get more views and they’ll generate more money which will be used to pay our Users.

How much Money can Content Monetization Generate?

Based to the Different monetization methods used by various Bloggers, we can generate anywhere from $5 to $50 for every 1,000 views sent to these blogs.

We’ll use this Money to pay you for Sponsored Posts (200 Naira Daily) and also to run Giveaways and Contests on Fluxify.

3. Through Trading

You know how lucrative the Forex and Crypto Market can be when trading with Huge Funds? 💹

We have decided to also Exploit that market to generate even more funds to Make our Users Happy. 😁

Part of your Registration Fee is used to trade on Forex and Crypto Markets and we’ll generate More Funds that we’ll use for Giveaways and for Running Contests.

The forex and crypto markets are not predictable so we can give an exact estimate of the amount of money this can generate, but the more we generate from trading, the more Giveaways and Higher Prizes to be won in Contests. So Pray for our Forex Traders 😂

4. Social Media Account Boosting

Many people are looking for ways to Boost their Social Media Accounts. And there are many Platforms that get several Requests daily to boost people’s social media accounts and they’ll get paid.

Our plan is to collaborate with these Social Media Boosting platforms, when they get paid to boost People’s social media accounts, they’ll contact us and we’ll send followers to that account and they’ll pay us.

This is also a way we get Money to Pay you for your Social Tasks earnings.

Note that Social Tasks won’t be available everyday.

Fluxify Review: Withdrawals

For Affiliate Earnings

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: NGN 3,500
Withdrawal Days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Withdrawal Time: 12pm to 4pm.

Withdrawals can be Requested on the Dashboard between 12pm and 2pm, and all Withdrawals will be sent before 4pm.

For Activity Earnings

Minimum Withdrawal: NGN 20,000
Withdrawal Day: NGN 20th of each Month
Withdrawal Time: 7am to 11pm.

Withdrawals should be requested on the Dashboard between 7-9am and all payments will be disbursed before 11pm.

Incentives for Activity Users

Users will enjoy the following incentives on Fluxify…

  1. Periodic Giveaways to Random Users on Fluxify.
  2. Monthly Hashtag Contests with Cash and Gadget Prizes to be won.
  3. We’ll Support a few of our member’s Businesses with Capital (Loan).
  4. 24hours Active Customer Care Representatives to attend to user’s enquiries.

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Fluxify is Coming

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Fluxify

Why do I have to Register with Money?

We need to get our Own profits while helping you Earn money daily through simple tasks performed online. That’s why we mandate an initial Registration Fee of 4,500 for anyone that is interested in Joining our Platform.

What is Coupon Code and the use

Coupon Code is a Unique Activation code that’ll be required during Registration.

Without a Coupon Code, you won’t be able to Register on Fluxify.

A Coupon Code looks like this


How can I get a Coupon Code?

You can get a Coupon Code by contacting any of our Verified Vendors. List of vendors will be made available on the Website.

Or you can also Pay to your Upline and he’ll get the Code for you.

Is there going to be Discount on Registration?

Yes, Fluxify is going to offer a 1,500 Naira discount on Registration for the First 300 people to Book their Slot before Launch Date. ✅

Turn your Phone into a Money-Maker