EARNINGESTATE REVIEW: Is EarningEstate Legit? ₦1,500 Discount, How it works, Earning Structure, etc

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EarningEstate Review

There are many online platforms, so understanding how they operate can help you decide whether or not to use them. In this post, we’ll be looking at a new platform, EarningEstate (review).

I’ll be describing what EarningEstate is, how it operates, its features, withdrawal policies, How to Register, and its legality in my EarningEstate review. I’m also giving my readers a discount on registration; read the details here. Read more information here. Without further ado, let’s begin our review of EarningEstate.

What is EarningEstate?

EarningEstate Review
EarningEstate Review

EARNINGESTATE is a lucrative project created to provide users with the opportunity to leverage the internet and turn their daily social media into a tool for earning. This is not only an earning platform but also a learning platform where its users learn new business skills.

  • The Registration Fee for the Super Package is ₦7,000
  • The Registration Fee for the Elite Package is ₦4,500
  • Earning Estate is launching on November 10, 2023.

EarningEstate enables users to make money online by carrying out quick tasks. The duties might be as simple as going into your dashboard or sharing content, clicking on advertisements, and following social media accounts.

How it Works

EarningEstate allows users to earn money by performing simple tasks online, such as sharing posts and even logging in to the site daily. To register on EarningEstate, you’ll need to purchase a coupon code.

The coupon code will be used to activate your account. They have two packages: the Super Package and the Elite Package. You can get coupon code for the Super package for ₦5,500 instead of ₦7,000, and the coupon code for the Elite package for ₦4,000 instead of ₦4,500.

How to Make Money on EarningEstate

There are many ways you can earn money on EarningEstate after registering and selecting a package. Below are some of the ways you can earn money on EarningEstate:

  • Daily Logins: You earn money by just logging onto your dashboard on a daily basis. The more consistent you are, the more money you will make.
  • Daily Sponsored Tasks: Complete daily tasks to gain bonus incentives based on the package you choose.
  • Daily Video Viewing: Participate in the platform by watching videos on a daily basis to get incentives based on your package.
  • Referral bonuses are available if you introduce friends, family, or others to EarningEstate. You earn a referral bonus for each person you refer, and you can earn even more if your referrals bring in new members.
  • Indirect Referral Bonuses: Earn money from recommendations made by people you referred to the site directly. This starts a chain reaction of earning potential.
  • Indirect referral bonuses can increase your profits because the referrals produced by your indirect referrals also contribute to your revenue.


For both affiliate and non-affiliate profits, the platform provides a straightforward and automatic withdrawal procedure. Affiliates can withdraw their earnings on specific days with a minimum requirement, while non-affiliates can withdraw their earnings automatically once they achieve the minimal threshold.

Referring on EarningEstate

You can earn on Earning Estate without referring anybody. Referring is optional, but it can help you earn more money. If you’d like to learn effective ways and secrets on how I generated over 45 referrals in less than 3 weeks without posting on my status or promoting in any group, I’ll advise you to get this guide. Use the code “ONL” to get a ₦1,000 discount.

EarningEstate Earning Structure

EarningEstate has two earning packages. The Elite Package and the Super Package

Super Package

Here are a few ways users of EarningEstate can make money on the Super Package:

Super Package
Tasks PerformedEarning
Affiliate Bonus₦5,000
Indirect Affiliate Bonus₦400
2nd Indirect Affiliate Bonus₦150
Welcome Bonus4,000EP
Daily Login500EP
Daily Post400EP
Earnings Table on EarningEstate Super Package

NB: As an affiliate on the Super Package, you can refer people to both packages and get your referral commission.

Elite Package

Below are the ways you can earn money on Elite Package on EarningEstate:

EarningEstate Elite Package
Task PerformedEarning
Affiliate Bonus₦3,500
Indirect Affiliate Bonus₦300
2nd Indirect Affiliate Bonus₦100
Welcome Bonus2,500EP
Daily Login Bonus350EP
Estate Post350EP
Earning Table for Elite Package

NB: As an Affiliate on Elite Package, you can only refer another Elite Package user to the platform.

You can make money with any package by signing in every day, doing your sponsored tasks, and also by referring friends to join EarningEstate. Select your ideal package and begin making money with EarningEstate!

Registration on EarningEstate

How to Register on EarningEstate

Registering on EarningEstate is a simple process that allows you to become a member and begin earning money. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for registering:

  1. Select Your Package: Choose either the Super Package (₦5,500) or the Elite Package (₦4,000) to join.
  2. Contact a Vendor: To acquire your EarningEstate coupon code, contact a vendor. Your account will be activated using this code.
  3. Make your payment: Pay the specified payment to the vendor for your chosen package. This fee covers the cost of the coupon code as well as your initial registration.
  4. Receive Coupon Code: Once your payment has been confirmed, the vendor will send you the coupon code. This code will be needed to activate your EarningEstate account and is unique to you.
  5. Go to the Registration Page: Use the link supplied by the vendor to access the EarningEstate registration page.
  6. Enter the following information: On the registration page, you’ll be asked to input your coupon code, and personal information (name, phone number, email, username, and password).
  7. Account Activation: After entering your information, submit the form to activate your account using the coupon code supplied.
  8. Start Earning: With your account activated, you can now participate in various earning activities, such as daily logins, sponsored tasks, and video watching, depending on your chosen package.

Following these steps will enable you to successfully register on EarningEstate and begin your journey towards earning money daily on the platform.

Discounted registration through Me:

If you register via me, you’ll receive a special discount on the package of your choice.

  • Get a ₦1,500 reduction off the registration cost with the Super package. Instead of paying the standard ₦7,000, you will only pay ₦5,500.
  • Elite Package: Save ₦500 on registration by purchasing this package. Instead of the usual ₦4,500 registration fee, your registration will only cost ₦4,000.

Use this one-time opportunity to join EarningEstate at a discounted rate and begin your path to earning. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or to book your discount registration.

Why should you Join EarningEstate?

Why Choose us?
  1. This is a Platform where you learn how to make money with your smartphone and internet connection.
  2. The platform has a moderate earning structure that favors everyone.
  3. They offer high Referral commissions for both packages.
  4. They promised a 100% sure payment for non-affiliates

Features on EarningEstate

Below are some of the extra features that EarningEstate has put together for its members:

EarningEstate Features

1. Digital Courses

There are many digital courses available on EarningEstate, here’s a list of some of the courses available:

  1. Social Media Ads
  2. Video Editing
  3. Web development
  4. Crypto Trading
  5. Graphics design
  6. WhatsApp TV Creation
  7. Forex Trading

You can subscribe to learn any of these skills with your Activity Earnings.

2. Recharge (VTU Portal)

As a member of EarningEstate, you can buy and sell data/airtime with just your activities balance and earn profit weekly. You can as well use it to recharge data and airtime for yourself, friends, and family.

3. P2P

With the P2P button, you can use your daily earnings to register a new user and keep the money for yourself, which means, you can earn your referral bonus and still have the person’s registration fee with this feature.

4. Raffle Draw

This is another chance of winning big on EarningEstate which people obtain numbered tickets, each of which has the chance of winning or losing a prize. Note that each spin costs 1,500EP.

5. Freelancing

Freelancing in this context means providing services as a self-employed individual. As a member of Earningestate, you can post your services and earn when your service is hired by another person.

6. Earning Transfer

As a member of EarningEstate, you can transfer your earnings with the transfer button to your friends.

EarningEstate Withdrawal

Elite Package Withdrawals

  • The minimum Affiliate withdrawal is ₦7,000
  • Minimum Non-Affiliate withdrawal is 23,000EP

Super Package Withdrawals

  • The minimum Affiliate Withdrawal is ₦10,000
  • Minimum Non-Affiliate Withdrawal is 27,000EP

Earning Estate Review: Is it Legit?

EarningEstate is a legitimate online earning platform that allows users to earn money daily by doing simple tasks online. So far, EarningEstate has been paying its Users as promised.

This review of EarningEstate is written for traffic purposes and to inform users of how the platform works to help them make an informed decision about whether or not to join.

EarningEstate Review: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EarningEstate?

EarningEstate is an online platform that allows users to earn money through various activities on the Internet while also providing opportunities to learn valuable business skills.

How do I register on EarningEstate?

To register on EarningEstate, you will need to choose between the Super Package and the Elite Package then you purchase a Coupon Code from any Vendor and follow the registration link to signup with your personal information and unique coupon code.

What are the Super and Elite Packages on EarningEstate?

The Super Package and Elite Package are two different membership options on EarningEstate, each with its own registration fee and earning structure. Users can choose the package that suits their preferences and budget.

How can I earn money on EarningEstate?

You can earn money on EarningEstate through various activities such as daily logins, posting content, and referring new users. There are also opportunities to earn through affiliate bonuses and indirect bonuses.

Can I Withdraw my Earnings?

Yes, you can withdraw your earnings from EarningEstate once you meet the minimum withdrawal threshold. The withdrawal process is straightforward, and you can receive your earnings in cash or equivalent points.

Is EarningEstate an Investment Platform?

No, EarningEstate is not an investment platform. It is primarily a platform for learning and earning through internet-based activities. It does not involve investment schemes or promises of guaranteed returns.

Is EarningEstate open to International Users?

EarningEstate is accessible to users in various countries, and it is not limited to a specific region. Users from different parts of the world can participate and earn on the platform.

Is EarningEstate Legit?

Yes, EarningEstate is a Legitimate Online Earning platform. For now, it has been paying its users their Earnings as promised.

How much can I earn for every referral on Earning Estate?
  • When you refer someone to the Super package, you earn ₦5,000 Referral Commission.
  • When you refer someone to the Elite Package, you earn ₦3,500 Referral commission.

This is the end of this EarningEstate review, Continue visiting doublejayonl.com to get updates on paying platforms. Also check out reviews of Vistalog and Ultra Gold. If you found this EarningEstate Review helpful, make sure you drop your opinions and comments in the Comment Section.


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