EarningEstate Registration: How to Register + Big Discount

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EarningEstate Review

Some time ago, I wrote a review of EarningEstate. I noticed that some people who usually message me for Registration don’t know how the Registration Process works.

So, in this article, I will outline the steps you need to register on EarningEstate and Start Earning; I’ll also be giving out a Big Discount to my readers who will Register…

Here are 3 easy steps to follow to Register on EarningEstate, whether you’re in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, etc…

Step 1: Message a Vendor to get your Code

The first thing you need to do when you want to Register on EarningEstate is to Message a Vendor on WhatsApp to get your Coupon Code.

Your Coupon Code is what will be used to activate your EarningEstate account. Depending on the Package you want to register, the code costs ₦7,000 (150Cedis) for the Super Package and ₦4,500 (110 Cedis) for the Elite Package.

But as my reader, you can Register for the Super Package for just ₦5,500 and Register for the Elite Package for just ₦4,000.

Note: You can register without a Coupon Code, and you only pay once for your Code.

After purchasing your Coupon Code, you’ll be given a Registration Link.

But If you already have your Coupon code and you need a Registration Link, use this:


After getting your link, you move to the next step…

Step 3: Fill in your details and Register

Click on the link and fill in your details on the EarningEstate Registration Form as follows:

  1. Put in the Username you’ll love to use, if it has been taken, find another username.
  2. Enter your First Name and your Last Name respectively.
  3. Put in your Email address, make sure to input the right email address.
  4. Put in your Phone Number.
  5. Input the Coupon Code you got from your Vendor.
  6. Select the Package you want to Register for, the Super Package or the Elite Package.
  7. Input a safe Password and Re-enter the password to confirm, then click on “Create Account”.

And That’s it! You’re now Registered on EarningEstate. To Start earning, you just need to log in to your dashboard, navigate to the Tasks section, and start performing your daily tasks. Your earnings will be credited automatically.

EarningEstate Login

To login to your EarningEstate account, click this Link: https://earningestate.com/user/login and login with your Username and Password.

EarningEstate Coupon Code

Your Coupon Code is what will be used to activate your EarningEstate Account. Message a Vendor on WhatsApp to get your Coupon Code.

EarningEstate Ghana Registration

You can Register for EarningEstate in Ghana by purchasing your Coupon Code for just 130 Cedis (Super Package) and 100 Cedis (Elite Package).

So, If You’re Ready to Register on EarningEstate, Send me a Message to get your Coupon Code with a discount.

If you’re still confused, have some questions or need clarification on anything, send me a message on WhatsApp and I’ll be glad to assist you.

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