Earnhive Review: is earnhive.net Legit or a Scam? How it works, Register

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There are many online earning platforms being launched on a daily basis; some are legit, others are scams. It’ll be wise for anyone wanting to try any of these platforms to do some research in the form of reading reviews so you can make informed decisions, which is what you’re doing right now. In this article, we’ll be talking about the Earnhive platform and looking at what Earnhive is, its Features, its earning structure, and How to Register on the Platform. I’ll also be giving a 1,000 Naira Discount on Registration for my Readers. So you’ll be registering with 3,500 Naira instead of the usual 4,500 Naira. Message me on WhatsApp to get your Discount. You can also check out reviews of similar platforms, like EarningEstate, Primeshub and UltraGold. Let’s get Started with Earnhive Review…

If you’re not ready to Read the Full Review and you just need a brief overview of the platform, you can watch a video Description below:

What is Earnhive?

EarnHive Is a Network marketing and Digital Platform that Helps you earn, Learn, and Advertise your Digital products, It also gives you the flexibility to Work from Home as a freelancer or Network Marketer. With EarnHive, your Millions are Sure. Earnhive launched on the 12th of August, 2023.

Countries Earnhive operates in

Earnhive is not available to all Countries worldwide. And as you know, you’ll need a Registration Fee to Become a Member of Earnhive. Below is the list of Countries Earnhive is Available in and their Corresponding Registration Fees:

  1. Nigeria: NGN 4,500
  2. Ghana: GHS 119
  3. Benin Rebuplic: CFA 5,500
  4. Cameroon: XAF 6,400
  5. Kenya: KSH 1,500
  6. Uganda: USH 40,000
  7. Togo: CFA 5,500
  8. Tanzania: TSH 15,000

Above are the Countries Earnhive is accessible. Although they have promised to widen their Range and accommodate more countries with time.

is Earnhive Registered?

Yes, Earnhive is duly Registered with the CAC of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Grab your 1,000 Naira Discount and Register on Earnhive with just 3,500 Naira instead of the usual 4,500 Naira. Message me Now on WhatsApp…

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Earnhive’s Affiliate (Referral) Program

Firstly, What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model that involves selling other people’s products (digital or physical) to get paid a commission when you make a successful sale.

In EarnHive, you don’t need to physically sell goods to earn a commission. You can connect with your upline by purchasing a code for registration, using your upline’s unique link.

After registration, your upline gains a registration bonus. You can also earn similar bonuses when you register someone else. The best part about EarnHive is that virtually anyone can start doing it, regardless of age, marketing experience, location, or budget.

While you can earn without referring anyone on Earnhive, it is advisable to refer to earn more money. If you’d like to learn techniques and strategies for getting referrals on a daily basis, I’ll advise you to get this Guide. It contains all the secrets I use to get referrals regularly.

How to Earn on EarnHive

Unleash your Earning Potential through Earnhive

Earning through Referrals

Here, you get paid for every single person you refer. Thus,
You have to keep referring people to earn more commission from Earnhive.
Refering is thus one of the easiest ways to make millions on Earnhive. Take this analysis below:

For Each referral, you’ll get NGN 3,500
Imagine 20 referrals, that is 3,500×20= NGN 70,000
And it’s possible, you just need to Start…

Earning without Referrals

There are thus ways for the Non-referrals. This means, those who can’t or don’t want to refer others. Ways through which non-referrals can earn are as follows:

  • Daily Logging in
  • Sharing Daily Posts
  • Lucky Spin and Win
  • Quiz Competitions
  • Random Free Gifts

EarnHive promises to operate on these two systems as everything is in place to see that this is a success.

Earnhive Earning Structure

On Earnhive, you get Paid for Performing Simple tasks such as Sharing Posts, Quiz Competitions, Contests, etc. You also Earn by referring others to the Platform; below are ways through which you can earn and the amount you earn for each Task: (Currency for Tasks is in Hives, H, Earnhive’s Platform Currency)

Referral Bonus: NGN 3,500

Indirect Referral Bonus: NGN 300

Welcome Bonus: 200H

Daily Post: 200H

Sponsored Post: 200H

Daily Site Login: 300H

These are the Ways you can Earn on Earnhive with their Corresponding Amounts and Rewards. So, if you’re to calculate How much you’ll be Earning on Earnhive as an Activity Earner:

Everyday, 500H is Guaranteed. Sponsored Posts may not be available every day so I omit that from the Calculations.

Every Week, 3,500H is guaranteed if you’re Actively Logging in and Performing Daily Tasks. In a Month, you should have about 14,000H in your Dashboard.

How to Register on Earnhive

I’ll state the Steps on How to Register on Earnhive. Starting from how to get your Coupon Code, how to go about the Registration, and the details needed for Registration.

  1. Message me on WhatsApp to get your coupon code for just NGN3,500 instead of the original NGN4,500 registration fee. (NGN 1,000 Discount)
  2. After getting the coupon code, you’ll be given a link to Register on Earnhive.
  3. Fill in your details in the Registration form. The details required are your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, username, and the Coupon Code.
  4. After filling in your details, click on Register and you’ll be redirected to your Dashboard and you’ll be credited with your Welcome bonus immediately.

A Coupon code is what’s needed to Activate your account, you can’t Register on Earnhive without a Coupon Code. And your Coupon code can only be used once.

Features on Earnhive

Below are some Additional features on Earnhive:

  1. Digital Courses: Earnhive has included 7 Digital Courses which its Registered members are eligible to Learn. To enroll in any of these Courses, you’ll pay with your Activity Earnings and get access to it. The Courses available are Facebook Marketing, WhatsApp TV Creation, Video Animation, Graphics Designing, Web Development, Affiliate Marketing, and E-Kitchen.
  2. Hive Games: With the Hive game you can Win anywhere from N100-N2000 and more on EarnHive. 😍 With each Correct winning you’ll cash out to your Bank account. All you have to do is play with your EarnHive points. This feature is available for all users.
  3. Hive P2P: With Hive P2P, you can use your activity Balance to Register the next new user and keep the registration money to yourself, which means you can earn more through the P2P section.
  4. Earnhive VTU: On Earnhive, you can Buy airtime and Data with your activity earnings (AIRTEL 🔴 MTN 🟡 GLO 🟢) are all available on the VTU Section.
  5. Hive Freelancing: Explore your Skills and make more Money as you can get Hired by another User or a Visitor or Advertise your business for free – at no cost.

These are ways you can use to maximize your earnings on Earnhive apart from the usual daily tasks you do to make money. These features are ope to all members of the platform.

Withdrawals on Earnhive

For Affiliates, Minimum Withdrawal is just NGN 7,000 (Just Two Referrals needed to Withdraw). Withdrawal Days are Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

For Non-Affiliates, Minimum Withdrawal is 22,000H.

Payments are made directly into your Local Bank Account, so no need to stress yourself trying to Convert from another Currency or transferring from one account to another.

Is Earnhive Legit or a Scam?

Earnhive seems to be a Legitimate Online Earning opportunity. I’ll advise that if you’re interested, go ahead and try it out. 🤷‍♂️👍

Ready to Register on Earnhive? Send me a DM on WhatsApp to get your Coupon code. I’ll also Guide you on How to Register and Earn on the Platform.


There is never a perfect time for you to take action ✅💯 Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from starting the project, that will show your work, and change your habits. 🔥

Although the fear of taking risks will always be there, you cannot let it stop you from pursuing your goals and living a purposeful life.

What do you think about Earnhive? I’d like to hear from you in the Comment section below. Do well to drop your thoughts and Suggestions. Also, Check out the Review of Focus Network.


I hope you find my recent review of the online earning platform informative and helpful. However, I want to emphasize that the opinions and observations expressed in the review are solely my own, and I have no affiliations with the platform or its operators. Please be aware that while I strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, I cannot guarantee the authenticity or accuracy of claims made by the platform. The online earning landscape is dynamic and can be subject to changes, which may affect the platform’s performance and offerings over time.


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