Acqualite Review: ₦700 Discount, is aqualite.tech legit? How it Works, etc

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Acqualite Review - Your Financial Gateway

In this review of Acqualite, we’ll be taking a look at how Acqualite works, how to earn money on Acqualite, how to withdraw on Acqualite, and whether or not Acqualite is legit.

Many online earning platforms, like UltraGold, EarningEstate, and BrillFund Network, are available in the internet space. Many others are arising; it is essential to always do some research on each of these platforms before joining, and I believe that’s why you’re reading this now.

So, without further waste of time, let’s get started with this Acqualite review.

Acqualite Review: An Overview

Acqualite Review - Your Financial Gateway

Acqualite is an online networking site that allows users to earn money by performing simple tasks online. These tasks include sharing posts, making daily claims, and also logging in to your dashboard daily.

  • The registration costs a one-time fee of ₦4,700
  • Acqualite is Registered with the CAC of Nigeria

Earning Structure: How to Earn Money on Acqualite

Acqualite Earning Structure

As a registered member, you have three ways of earning money daily. You can earn through your Affiliate Dashboard, Non-Affiliate or Activities Dashboard, and also through the Commission Dashboard.

Affiliate Dashboard (Referral)

  • Direct Referral Bonus: ₦3,600
  • Indirect Referral Bonus: ₦300

Non-Affiliate Dashboard (Activities)

  • Welcome Bonus: ₦2,500
  • Daily Login Bonus: ₦200
  • Daily Post Task: ₦400
  • Acqua Claim: ₦300

Commission Dashboard (For Everyone)

  • Acqua Gift Box: You can earn at least ₦500 to ₦2,000 through this box. This is based on luck
  • Acqua Game: You can play games on Acqualite and win at least ₦500 from these games.
  • Acqua Ads Commission: Earn 20% of the Ad amount when you refer someone to post an ad on Acqualite.
  • Acqua Social Media Task: Earn as much as ₦20 to ₦50 by liking and viewing people’s social media posts.
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How to Register on Acqualite

To register on Acqualite, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Send me a message on WhatsApp to get your Coupon Code for just ₦4,000 instead of ₦4,700
  2. You’ll be given your Coupon Code and a Registration link
  3. Click the link and fill in your details for registration
  4. The details needed are name, username, email, phone number, and password.
  5. Input your Coupon code, then click on “Register.”
  6. That’s all. You’re now a user of Acqualite.

Features on Acqualite

Acqualite Review: Features

Acqua TikTok Challenge

Earn as much as possible by advertising Acqualite on your social media account.

Acqua Loan

As a long-term member on Acqualite, you can request and get a loan from ₦10-100k with little interest. Your repayment date and agreement will also be communicated to you before your loan is approved.

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Acqua Marketplace

If you’re a marketer, you can advertise your products on Acqualite Marketplace and get more customers and sales.

Acqua P2P

As a registered member on Acqualite, you can register another member with your activity earnings and keep their registration fee to yourself.

Acqua Digital Courses

Acqualite will host online courses on various topics like Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, graphic design, WhatsApp TV Startup, web development, etc.

Withdrawals on Acqualite

Acqualite Withdrawals

Minimum Affiliate Withdrawal of ₦7,000 on Mondays and Wednesdays

Minimum Non-Affiliate withdrawal of ₦22,000 every 20th of the month.

To withdraw your commission earnings, you need a minimum commission balance of ₦3,000. Commissions can be withdrawn on Saturdays.

This is the end of this Acqualite Review. You can read reviews of platforms similar to this, such as Starmil Review, and Sprimtrex Review.

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